Arsenal, from the worst start in almost 70 years to why their fans shouted the City goal

With the loss to the Citzens, the Gunners are last in the Premier League, and have their worst start since 1954.

Prior to confirming the pass of Cristiano Ronaldo al Manchester United, Arsenal It was the team of the Premier League who had invested the most, so the expectations of the fans were high. However, after the tough defeat on Saturday morning 5-0 to Manchester City, the Gunners crown their worst start since 1954, after their third consecutive loss.

The current situation of the team is not good: in the debut fell to Brentford, later lost the London classic to Chelsea, and crowned it with the lapidary defeat against Pep Guardiola’s team. That is why, after the hard start, his coach Mikel Arteta is on a tightrope.

However, a surprising fact in the Eithad Stadium, and highlighted the clear discomfort that Arsenal fans have towards the players: after Rodri converted the fourth goal for the local, the fans of the Gunners who were present at the stadium They did not hesitate to shout the goal in a clear display of irony and anger towards what was happening on the field of play.

After the defeat, the coach spoke and lamented about the bad start of the team: It is very painful. I’m sorry that we can’t give you the results you want. We have to regroup, get players back and fix this as soon as possible. “

With this fall, Arsenal have suffered nine goals so far in the Premier League, and failed to convert any.

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