Arsenal announced the return of our Egyptian coach Mohamed El Nini to the training again after recovering from injury.

Arsenal said on their official site to return Nini after one week from now after recovering from the injury of the thigh.

Al-Nini has a right thigh injury that made him miss appearances in the last games with Arsenal.

He has played only four games with Arsenal this season. 3 matches in the European league and a cup match while not playing in the English Premier League.

Arsenal prepare for Sporting Lisbon on Thursday in the European league. A meeting will witness the absence of Nini. The same is true for the Gunners against Wolverhampton on Sunday in the 12th round of the English Premier League.

Arsenal are fifth in the league with 23 points from 11 matches. While leading the group in the European league.

Hany Ramzi, Egypt's general manager, spoke earlier about the injury to Nini, saying: "We will continue with him to reassure him to know his medical condition more accurately and whether he will be able to catch up with the camp to meet Tunisia or not."

Egypt will start their camp in mid-November as they prepare to meet Tunisia in the fifth round of the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Egypt will then face the UAE in a friendly match.

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