Arsenal striker remains unstoppable in the Premier League

The leader Arsenal chained this Sunday its sixth consecutive victory in the Premier League with a win over Crystal Palace 4-1 at its Emirates stadium, valid for the 28th. date.

The Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli (28m.PT), Bukayo Saka twice (43m.PT and 29m.ST) and the Swiss Granit Xhaka (10m.ST) scored for those led by the Spanish Mikel Arteta. The German Jeffrey Schlupp (18m.ST) discounted for the visit.

Arsenal added 69 points and took eight points ahead of Manchester City, which postponed its game on this date due to commitments in the FA Cup.

= Summary of the 28th. date =

Viernes: Nottingham Forest 1-Newcastle United 2.

Sábado: Aston Villa 3-Bournemouth 0; Brentford 1-Leicester 1; Southampton 3-Tottenham 3; Wolverhampton 2-Leeds United 4 y Chelsea 2-Everton 2.

Domingo: Arsenal 4-Crystal Palace 1.

Partidos postergados: Liverpool-Fulham, Brighton-Manchester United y Manchester City-West Ham United.

Posiciones: Arsenal 69 puntos; Manchester City 61; Manchester United 50; Tottenham 49; Newcastle 47; Liverpool, Brighton y Brentford 42; Fulham 39; Aston Villa y Chelsea 38; Crystal Palace y Wolverhampton 27; Nottingham, Everton y Leeds 26; Leicester City 25; West Ham y Bournemouth 24; Southampton 23.