Victory was key for both of them, as they are direct rivals in the fight to maintain the category. And went Arsenal the one who ended the bad streak this Saturday and beat Sarmiento 1-0 at home in one of the matches corresponding to the 19th date of the Professional League.

The team of
Viaduct showed himself better in the first half and took over the role, always supported by
Bruno Sepulveda and
Brian Farioli. He had the most interesting chances but lacked finesse in the last touch. Sarmiento speculated, he suffered from the rhythm of the match and his forwards did not associate, although he stepped on the rival area at the end with
Federico Paradela.

Antilef comes out to celebrate the goal that allowed Arsenal to win again.

But, on 24 minutes of the second half, Arsenal found the goal with the entered Alejo Antilef, which broke the zero after a huge play of Emiliano Pope. With that it was enough to keep the three points and take some air.

In this way, Israel Damonte’s team has 16 points, came out of the bottom of the table and won after seven games, while Sarmiento (23) continues badly out of
Junin -a win in the whole year-. On the next date, Arsenal will visit
Independent and the
Verde will receive
Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero.