ART & ART (By Miguel Romero)

The art is not a feeling; art is its embodiment, the incarnation, the feeling sculpted, written, materialized, through technical skill.

This phrase is great for me to give content to my weekly column. And it is that the first anniversary has been fulfilled in which a group of enthusiastic friends, the same ones who give life to an Association called Arte 6 + 1 have offered their feeling of support, choice, cause and feeling of offering that, their particular artistic vision towards a world in need of development and an objective vision of culture. For this reason, they launched into the “Paseo del Arte” and in that walk, slowly but surely, they make us understand what the path of progress should be when there is no progress, to continue living life when life falters, to believe in the contents of the future when the future appears, if possible, a little black. They are just that, “bullfighters from the Iberian Wheel” when the miura gets lost, or when the square is not full because a storm is sighted. I like your proposal and I like your way. They are diverse in their artistic creation, they are serene in their recreating of the spirit, without spirituality as a science, but believers in their reason, which makes Art the same Art. At his side, many more grow. There are six of them and by their side, they are surrounded by twenty or perhaps some more. Men and women who make a sense of cause, when under the “Peña de los Cuchillos” or under the gaze of the “Cerro de Socorro” expluman his dialectic of the brush, the brush, the spatula, the gouge, the photography or the pen, without forgetting that the Cristo del Amparo always encouraged his fellow men to continue being Cuenca, at the blow of the hammer between converts and converts . Therefore, they are big and feel small.

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And next to him, poetry seems to have another meaning. The word is the language of life, but color, volume and planimetry are the premises of that time of life; and they admit because they feel it, free poets, those called Poets of the Classroom or those who preach the conjunction of verses as mechanisms for the future. They are not Neruda’s heirs, but they follow him to the death; They are not even mystics in their decline, but they worship Fray Luis de León; and deep down, García Lorca, Aleixandre or Salinas roam among their poetic recipes. They are called Aula Poética de Cuenca and it is, in this city, where you feel free and birds of the season, spring or autumn, winter or summer. they are heterogeneous but sincere; rebellious but polite; flattering but critical, friends but not sneering, that is why the eroticism of power makes them less submissive and more ideological in their adventure mechanisms.

Freedom means freedom of choice. Therefore, they exercise this freedom when, faced with two or more possible actions, they decide to carry out one, discarding all the others. For this reason, here is Art with capital letters, among the plastic arts -drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture, graphics, photography, color, printing, etc.- without forgetting that the word and solfa fly, because music also makes sense, with guitar, saxophone or snare, with keyboard, clarinet or castanets. Music, music, music …

It does not change art without changing the culture and society that feeds it. Each great artistic trend corresponds to a unique mode of being-in-the-world. Art thus constitutes a privileged tool to get to know a people, almost like an X-ray of their soul, by showing us their particular way of feeling and seeing the world: it is like a portrait of their inner world where their desires and their desires are shown to us. fears. It is, as Spengler put it, ‘soul made form’. The Paseo del Arte is Alma de Cuenca.

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But art fulfills a round-trip function. It not only shows the inner reality of a society but at the same time contributes to creating it and becoming aware of it: art thus has a fundamental importance in the development of society. identity of all human collectivity, discovering to that community who it is and what is its place in the world. This role is not produced exclusively on collectivities, the same can be said of its effect on the individual: through art the individual orders his particular and concrete reality, the subject is recognized, and also from the artistic experience, of some way, it is built.

How well said Edgar Allan Poe: “If I were asked to define the term art in a few words, I would call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature through the veil of the soul.”

The same thing happens to me. congratulations, artists. I feel like one more because I am.