Art Education Routes | The website of the Department of Aveyron

In the context of a coherent departmental strategy that can be applied to several artistic fields – visual arts, choral singing, circus, dance, music, theater, Occitan performance – the “artistic education routes” allow an open and diversified approach to the arts, for teachers and students.

All public and private schools in Aveyron (nursery schools, elementary schools, colleges, high schools, universities) are invited to discover the proposals in music, dance, theatre, voice, Occitan performance, visual arts and heritage, which are presented in the Artistic and Cultural Education Routes brochure


  • Encourage teachers to develop, implement and evaluate partnership educational projects, within the framework of the teaching of the history of the arts and in connection with other school subjects.

  • Promote the meeting of students and teachers with artists, works, performing arts and visual arts professionals, by promoting the cultural programs of the department.

  • Familiarize students and teachers with today’s creation (aesthetic issues, artistic languages, trades, techniques) by promoting experimentation and practice, but also access to works.