Art in public spaces and its “headaches”: a forum

Of the restoration of Monument to Columbus, went to “Tlali“, Olmec head of the artist Pedro Reyes, and the anti-monument of the”Glorieta of the women who fight”. The disorganization, the change of ideas and the lack of a citizen consultation have been giving headaches to authorities and residents of the capital about the future that awaits the pedestal that is located on Avenida Reforma.

Regarding the constant debate, UNAM culture organizes this Wednesday, September 29, the Dolores de cabeza Forum: Art, public space and representation, conversations around art and public space as triggers for a broader social reflection.}

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The event, which is part of the Inés Amor Chair, will be broadcast live and will be divided into three tables: Is public art public? How should a commission happen? At 10 am; Who owns the street, the squares, the monuments? How is history and the idea of ​​a monument inscribed in the city today? At 1 pm; and Representing “the indigenous”? Who can represent him ?, at 5 pm.

The event will be attended by specialists Julieta Aranda, Mónica Mayer, James Oles, Renato González Mello, Helena Chávez Mac Gregor, Restauradoras con Glitter, José Luis Barrios, Jorge Volpi, Aida Naxhielly, Johannes Neurath, Laureana Toledo and Alexandra Haas

The transmission will be through the YouTube channel of the International Chair Inés Amor. More information, available on the website.



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