Art News – A message from Amr Diab to Mohamed Munir on the status of the “King” health


You are watching Art News – a message from Amr Diab to Mohamed Munir about the health status of the King Paris News Date: Tuesday, April 17,

Paris News – Suggestions for places to go out Singer Amr Diab, in his Twitter account, wished the artist Mohamed Mounir to return to his audience with safety and recovery from his health problems. Diab said: “My sincere wishes for the speedy recovery of the King Mohammed Mounir, God willing, returns to your audience safety.” And under the orders of doctors .. King Mohammed Munir, under careful observation in the hospital after the urgent surgery in the ureter ».. As dozens of fans lined the roads of the hospital in hopes of seeing, or shaking hands, chose others from« Almgmin Bmnir »Send bouquets of roses To the hospital to be delivered to him, while doctors confirmed that his condition is stable and should not be afraid of him.

The doctors decided to stay in the hospital until the day after tomorrow, to remain under the necessary medical care since the surgery, which took place last Sunday evening, is scheduled to leave and go home before resuming his artistic activity. The artist Mohamed Mounir told «Egyptian now and at this hour now», in statements after the operation: «God Almighty I am a pig», and explained that the operation lasted about an hour and a half. And about his activity after the surgery, Mounir said: «I will return to my home for a period of recuperation and the first concerts will be on the beach of the new city of Alamein on the next Eid al-Fitr», and reassured «King» loved his health. The head of the Catholic Center for Cinema Father Boutros Daniel and the artist Nehal Anbar, visited Mounir yesterday afternoon and assured him and the doctors of the health of the king. Father Peter Daniel said: “Munir has a popular and popular footprint and it is enough that he is a simple and faithful artist of his art and country and respects his audience.”

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