You are now watching news – Art News – Mecca police reveal the fate of the girl «harassing» Majed Engineer on the scene of the market Okaz In the News – Horizon News Date: Saturday, July 14,

Horizon News – Media spokesman for the police of the Makkah region on the arrest of a girl who took the scene of one of the concerts Okaz market, and carried out criminal acts. The spokesman said that with reference to the participation of one of the participants in the festival of Okaz market in Taif, on Friday evening, the rise of the theater of one of its paragraphs, and the commission of criminal acts according to the anti-harassment system, has been stopped women violating the Foundation for the care of girls in Taif and referral of the case to the Attorney General. The girl surprised the audience by taking the stage and attacking the artist Majid al-Mohandes, sparking a wave of anger among the Saudis, who demanded that she be held accountable for “harassing” her and insulting the image of Saudi women.

Mecca police reveal the fate of the girl «harassing» Majed Engineer at the scene of the market Okaz and we hope to have been provided in the service and we would like to show you that the news of “Art News – Mecca police reveal the fate of the girl« harassing »Majd Engineer at Okaz Market Theater “We have no minimum responsibility and you can read the news from its original location Vito Gate And you can follow the latest news and news through our website Horizon always by visiting the link “” or by writing “Horizon News” in Google and will be transferred to our site immediately, God willing.

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