Art News: Sawsan Badr Gul Acting has not been used yet

Art News: Sawsan Badr Gul Acting has not been used yet

Artist Sawsan Badr proves to everyone that she has a talent so far not yet exploited and must be exploited by this artist with great talent, which has the extraordinary skill in convincing viewers of the offer in the roles of romantic or evil or medical and many other roles, as it “Abu Al-Arousa”, which was the embodiment of the character of “ordinary” or the five sons and wife wise and medical and sincere to her husband and gave this role very brilliantly, especially in the presence of an atmosphere of romance and comedy at the same time that made the viewers always waiting for their turn on the screen. At the same time, what you see in the series “The Great House” in the progress of the character of the algebraic series and the dimension of evil, which takes possession of this character At the same time presents the character of “Ceyhan” businesswoman who is afraid of her children and her husband was a major arms dealer ” All of these works were presented simultaneously, but it is impossible to say that “ordinary” is the same “algebraic” is the same “Ceyhan” despite the presentation of all these characters at one time and this is indicative of something in the sign that we are in front of talent She is a great golfer in acting, performing art and transforming characters from words written on paper to Real _khasaat of flesh and blood, and must take advantage of this special talent he Omhamha many have not been disclosed yet. Disclaimer: The content of this news was transmitted by the news search engine technology, which was published by the site (Arabs Today) and does not express a point of view Egypt But it was transferred content as it is from the link below Arabs today We are not responsible for the content of the news, and all external links have been removed from the subject. “Art News: Sawsan Bader Gul Acting Not Yet Exploited”

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