Art News – Tamer Hosni ignores the assault on journalists at his party and thanks his team


Tamer Hosny ignores the abuse of journalists at his party and thanks his team In the News – Horizon News On Sunday, April 15,

Tamer Hosny ignores the abuse of journalists at his party and thanks his team 12:55 PM Sunday 15 April 2018 Books – Mohamed Magdy: The singer Tamer Hosni ignored what he witnessed at his ceremony at Badr University, which was held Saturday evening, from an attack on journalists and correspondents of satellite channels, who are responsible for covering the ceremony media. Tamer wrote through his account on Facebook, a publication in which he thanked the organizers and the organizers of the ceremony, saying: “In general, what they saw for the pictures of the concert are sure to have a great effort in the form of theater, and sure to attend in the brain years of the development of the Egyptian and Arab theater, This is normal for Lea and for any other artist, the effort and he saw a lot of people believe me and took me and walked step by step, I thank them Tani and Talt.

Thank you Mr. Waleed Mansour for his wonderful organization in securing the entry and exit of all this huge number of people in peace and safety. Thank you Professor Waleed and all the thanks to all your team, the great engineer Walid Hariri and his remarkable brilliance in directing the picture of the displays and using it for the latest lighting equipment in the world. “He said. He added: “Thank you to the creative engineer Ahmed Essam in the use of special effects and fireworks, and his efforts in the development of the field in general and his team of great Sound engineer and distinguished Jorge Said and engineer Ahmed Abdulqader, design theater and architect Tamer Fawzi and all thanks to the guests and friends of the old who honor Hossam al-Husseini and Karim Mohsen were a liwa and a big man, man. ” He concluded by saying: “A million thanks to my great music team, my work team and all my work team. They are also friends of Omar. Thank you to all the precious masses who have attended. Thank you for the efforts of lovers of Tamer and Eltras in Egypt and all over the world.” It is worth mentioning that a number of journalists were attacked yesterday by the security of Badr University, and a number of their equipment were broken.

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