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Arte facing the "challenges of another agriculture"

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Depleted soils, polluted waters, endangered species … While the predominant model of conventional pesticide farming is running out of steam, filmmakers Tatjana Mischke and Caroline Nokel have given the floor to advocates of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. There are these peasants in the process of organic transition, these MEPs committed to shake up the old common agricultural policy (CAP) and these scientists who come a little more legitimize the posture of each other. How to orchestrate such a change of course? Above all, with what means?

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From there, Arte unfolds the issue of labels, production costs and organic tariffs that curb and doubt potential and new recruits, sometimes disillusioned. The case of Sven Wilhelm, a farmer in full conversion, perfectly illustrates the moods of sawtooth of converts. All of this sprinkled here and there with examples of successes, of those that one would almost erect in "warriors" of bio capable of being glorified. Among them, Perrine and Charles who launched twelve years ago their farm permaculture, pre-industrial version of agriculture. No machine, no fertilizer and good profitability.

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Part market gardening

Without concessions, the documentary perpetuates the idea that bio is inseparable from our future, relying on the expertise of agronomists engineers. "The system of industrial agriculture is not stable. From the moment he can no longer rely on chemicals […] it will not work anymore, one of them. But to change, it is still necessary that the policies follow, like the consumers. In the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, Martin Häusling fights to redistribute subsidies for green measures, while others point to waste and advocate for market gardening to the detriment of livestock to facilitate agricultural transition.

Diffusion Challenges of another agriculture on Arte on April 10th and 13th (7:15 am), and in replay until June 20th.

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