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Arte pays tribute to Romy Schneider

The actress would have turned 80 this year. The channel dedicates its evening this Sunday at 22:40 with an exceptional documentary by Patrick Jeudi, Conversation with Romy Schneider, based on the very intimate confidences of the star.
In December 1976, Romy Schneider is 38 years old. Six years before her death in 1982, she is at the peak of her career, but is basically a torn woman. Since her 14 years, the actress is the object of all adorations, critics, lusts, scandals.
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Returned for the first time in Germany since the time of Sissi, to shoot a film, the actress refuses all interviews. "The press has been disgusting to me everywhere, but never as much as in Germany," she tells her friend the German feminist journalist Alice Schwarzer, to whom she gives her only interview. A tête-à-tête in French, most of the time, that will last late into the night, and during which she tells about her life, her career, her love affairs, her complex relationships with her two countries and makes revelations of the most intimate. "It was her moment, she wanted to spit out her truth," says the journalist.
35 years after her disappearance, Alice Schwarzer decided to publish these confidences in Romy Schneider intimate (éd. L'Archipel). "I had not spoken before to respect his will, but to understand his confusion and hypersensitivity, you must also know some things in his life, and it is good to say it now," she says.
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Based on these recordings, Patrick Jeudy made an exceptional documentary with rare archive images illustrating them and Alice Schwarzer commenting on the star's comments. Romy is back on her teenage years, her career and her film debut with Sissi. She talks about her father-in-law who tried to abuse her, her relationship with men and her rifts that she has been living with since childhood as a pro-Nazi girl, even recounting her suspicions about the relationship that maintained his mother, actress Magda Schneider, with Hitler. She confides again: "The truth, I seek it. I do not want to lie anymore. In this business, you are doomed to lie all the time. And I do not want anymore. "


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