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Artegurl Season 5 Episode 144: Now Follow Events Ertuğrul 144 SEASON 5

In the last five years, after a long march of the hero Artgrel, whose role is embodied by the Turkish actor Anjin Altan, another representative will come during the resurrection of Osman, which will come immediately after the end of the Artgrel series. Part 5 The great hero Artagarl Sulaiman Shah, the leader of the Kai tribe, who opened many castles and forts to many enemies, and faced a large number since the beginning of his inception from the enemies, starting from his wife Halima when he began the series of Artegril Turkish resurrection, when he was captured by Byzantines she and her father and brother, Edit them and marry her, and they arrived Today to the resurrection of Artagrill season V Episode 144.

The Fifth Season Season

Artgaral's resurrection begins on Wednesday, every Wednesday, with a series of channels such as Turkish channel TRT, Al Dawaa channel, Al Yarmouk channel and many other channels. The timing of the 144th episode of Artegral today comes as follows:

  • The Resurrection of Artgirl Episode 144 Egypt Time: at 8:00 pm.
  • Part V: Saudi time at 9 pm.
  • Episode 144: Emirates Time at 10 pm.
  • Direct Show Live Resurrection Episode 144 Translator: At 18:00 GMT.
  • Turkish series Ertagarl episode 144: At 9 pm GMT Iraq.
  • Artegrel's time for Algeria time: 7pm.

As we have mentioned to you in most Arab countries, the new episode of the Artagrill Part 5 is repeated on Thursday and Friday, and will be available on most days via TRT and Al Noor.

The channels conveying the series of resurrection Artegrel

A group of many channels are moving the series of Artegirl Resurrection Episode 144 today, including:

  • Channel Call on Nilesat.
  • Al Yarmouk channel.
  • Turkish TRT channel.
  • Al Sharq channel.
  • Location of light.

We now offer you the frequencies of the channels that convey the series of Argerel Resurrection 144 Part V as follows:

The satellite the channel Frequency
Türksat 42 ° E TRT 1HD Turkey 11054
Nile sat The call channel 10727
Nile sat Al Yarmouk channel 11678

We follow with you all the analyzes of the series Artegral Resurrection Part V episode 144 full screen translator without ads.

The Resurrection of Artegirl Episode 144 Today:

Today you can watch the series of Artegirl Resurrection Part V Episode 144 through the channel call on Nilesat, which we put the frequency in your hands, to follow the series of the resurrection Artegral Translator Episode 144, from us is the replay of the episode tomorrow on the channel also invited, and is broadcast via the site Throughout the week, where the episode is broadcast today at 8 pm on the channel invitation, which you find the frequency on the Nile Sat through the previous table.


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