Article R231-3 – Education Code

Any member of the Higher Education Council who, before the normal end of his term of office, ceases to fulfill the conditions under which he was called to it or who resigns must be replaced.

The seat is allocated on the proposal of the organization which presented the replaced member. The mandate of the replacement thus appointed expires upon the general renewal of the board.

The replacement of a full member mentioned in 2 ° (e) of article R. 231-2 is carried out among his alternates in the order in which the results are announced. Substitutes who have become full members are not replaced until the next election.

A substitute member can only sit in the absence of the full member he is replacing. The substitute members designated, in respect of a college, to represent a trade union organization, a parents’ association, a student association or an extracurricular association may sit to replace any full member of the same college and the same organization or association.