[Artículo] How to find free music for videos

The category of video content it is booming and sweeping the world. Therefore, it has become essential for brands to create engaging videos that leave a lasting impact on their audience. Finding good background music for videos can be a difficult task.

There are hundreds of websites with millions of songs to choose from on the Internet. And each website has its own set of search features, license options, and music listening experience. Songs are an essential component of any multimedia project, but getting free video background music is difficult.

Not only will you need to find a legal source for high-quality music, but you will also need to make sure that you can use these files in your work. In case you know where to look, you can find a wide variety of options for any purpose online. Some sources of free music for videos are listed below.

Free music sources for videos

Searching for free music for videos can be quite challenging. However, here are some sources that will help you find free music online for your videos:

1. Epidemic Sound

One of our favorite places to get high-quality movie background music is Epidemic Sound. Its easy-to-use search functionality and music library are among the best in the industry, making it easy to find the perfect music for your movie.

Music licensing can be complicated, but Epidemic Sound combines all the legal rights you’ll need into one easy-to-use license that works on all platforms. You can find music made for video game that children play.

2. YouTube audio library

We have listened to many of the free songs in YouTube’s vast audio archive. Using its search option, you can sort by genre, instrument, duration, attribution, and even mood.

However, I prefer to use the “popularity” option, which allows me to quickly see which songs have had the most downloads. Click the link above to access YouTube Audio Library, or go to Creator Studio> Create> Audio Library from your YouTube account.

3. InVideo

InVideo is a video editing software preferred by most of the industry experts. The tool is one of the best video editing programs and a repository for various audio notes.

All these audio notes can be easily used when creating or editing videos.

4. Audio Jungle

If you’ve ever looked for a WordPress theme online, you’ve probably come across Theme Forest on Envato Market at some point. More than 3 million digital items have been generated by a global community of contributors on Envato Market. It’s huge!

As a result, it’s no wonder you’re getting top-notch video background music here too. AudioJungle has over 586,000 tracks ranging from pop to heavy metal to music kits and sound effects. You will find whatever type of music you are looking for on AudioJungle. You should wearing headphones to listen to music for a better experience.

5. AudioBlocks

At Buffer Podcast, as well as various videos we’ve made for social media, AudioBlocks is a go-to source for music and sound effects. You’ll get unlimited downloads of hundreds of thousands of songs, loops, sound effects, and collections with your AudioBlocks subscription.

One of my favorite aspects of its search function is the option to define the exact length of a track that I am looking for using a slider bar, very useful for precise timing in movies!

6. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is the most popular website to find selected background music and sounds for various purposes. There is even a “Spoken Word” category! All MP3 tracks in FMA have been previously licensed and their use is legal in various scenarios where copyright rules would prevent them.

FMA has around 1,500 tracks in the public domain (licensed for commercial use) and thousands more under Creative Commons, allowing marketers to create a wide range of options.

7. Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the best places to find free music due to its extensive music library and its commitment to supporting artists.

Jamendo is also one of the few music services that allows marketers to select music based on the purpose for which it will be used – looking for a great tune to use in a Facebook video? That’s fantastic, they have it! Interested to see what might work well on YouTube? It is no problem! They even have a unique program for corporations that require a great radio station for each location.

8. SoundCloud

If you’re looking for a wide variety of video background music that sounds like real music, SoundCloud is a great place to start. Most, if not all, of the music on SoundCloud is Creative Commons licensed, which means you can use the tracks as long as you adhere to the artist guidelines (more on licensing below!).

To use the search function, it will take a bit of knowledge and effort at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will discover that there is a ton of fantastic music from musicians all over the world.

9. Freeplay Music

Freeplay Music is one of the most expensive background music services available, their website is top-notch, and there are some real treasures to be found there.

Also, if you use it solely for personal use on YouTube, you will have free access to virtually all of your songs. It is a fantastic site to enjoy great music for companies with various musical demands, such as videos, commercials, presentations, movies, etc.

10. IncompeTech

IncompeTech is a fantastic artist-run website that offers free music in almost every genre imaginable. The term “performed by artists” refers to all of the IncompeTech tracks that were created and uploaded by Kevin MacLeod.

Users can download and use their music for free in various projects with the correct recognition. There is also the option to use a handful of your songs without giving you credit!

11. Bensound

Bensound is another artist-run website with hundreds of outstanding recordings made and published by Benjamin Tissot. Ben’s work has been seen in everything from animations to corporate videos, commercials, short films and documentaries on the Internet.

Bensound is one of our favorites because of its easy search function and its music that blends well with traditional commercial movies.

12. Amazon Music

Did you know that Amazon offers more than 56 thousand free music and sound files that you can use in your movie backgrounds? Amazon does an excellent job of sorting your recordings by genre, which makes it incredibly easy to find a specific song.

The only minor flaw with Amazon Music is that its search functionality is limited when it comes to choosing the perfect track for your movie.

So that’s it, folks. That was our take on finding free music for videos. I hope you have found it useful.