Artificial intelligence, the new form of online entertainment | THE UNIVERSAL

The world today is constituted by technological and digital features almost in its entirety. The element of progress in these areas is present in such specific aspects and elements of the new normality as social networks, online games, entertainment platforms and even through images on the Internet.

It is this last aspect that draws the attention of users, since it is irresistible to interact with this type of online dynamics, which are currently available on a multitude of websites, mobile applications, online games, and paid and free programs. Also read: Controversy surrounds Ficci for its poster made with artificial intelligence

Some examples of Web pages and software designed for this purpose are the recently popularized Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Shutterstock.

It is possible to access the artificial intelligence image generation functions of each of the aforementioned systems by using their respective official Web pages, some requiring registration in their databases, and others with the search and generation function. image directly available, as is the case of Stable Diffusion or Midjourney.

Other systems, however, offer access to a greater number of functions and imaging options by paying for a more exclusive version, such as Shutterstock, which grants access to a free trial version and, later, access to the paid version will need to be purchased for better functionality and image availability.

Another recurring medium that applies the generation of images through artificial intelligence is social networks. In the case of Tik Tok, for example, the filter designed to transform the image of a person into an anime or cartoon design is operated by artificial intelligence.

Likewise, online games like Art Impostor are operated by artificial intelligences. In this particular case, players must detail an image based on a theme using specific words in order to generate referent images and try to discover the impostor who, for game purposes, will be unaware of the theme each round.