Artificial intelligence will participate as a panelist in the well-being at work congress • ENTER.CO

Artificial Intelligence breaks into the world of organizational well-being by being included as a panelist in the first experiential congress on well-being and happiness at work.

Currently, companies are tirelessly looking for new ways to improve the quality of life, culture and engagement of their employees. AI is not far behind in this search and makes its debut at Welu Fest 2023, as one of the guests at the panel of good practices of employee experience, highlighting the role of technology in promoting happiness at work and the quality of life of employees.

Its name is WAIDA, an anagram of the acronym in English that stands for Artificial Intelligence for Development and Wellbeing, which translates Artificial Intelligence for development and well-being, designed by Welu by Coexitosos to help companies improve the quality of life and the productivity of their work teams.

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It is a fusion between the GPT-3 technology (developed by OpenAI) for the written language, Synthesia for the creation of human avatars, APIs and automations. “We do not create artificial intelligence in this process, we only join tools that already exist to give AI a new context, focused on improving the quality of life of people at work,” says Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, CEO and co-founder of Welu. by Coexitosos.

“AI can analyze behavior make AI an essential tool to boost commitment and strengthen organizational culture”, mentions Gutiérrez.

Welu Fest is the first Experiential Congress for Happiness and Well-being at Work, which will take place on April 14, in Subachoque, Cundinamarca.

Image: Pexels