Artist Hanan Turk reveals the truth of her return to acting


The activity of the renegade actress Hanan Turk through social networking sites has made many people think that she intends to return to acting again, so she made it clear.
Hanan Turk said: “Published a picture of me in front of the microphone provoked controversy, and was taken during the recording of a new cartoon series of (Imam Bukhari), is scheduled to be released next Ramadan,” according to the site of the newspaper “Sunrise”.
She added that her work in a series of animation does not mean a retreat from the decision to retire, which announced during the presentation of the series “Sister Terez” in 2012. She continued: “This is not subject to discussion from the ground.”
Hanan Turk said in her remarks that she has been busy for some time to present a cartoon character entitled “Nouna” which was issued by the magazine children, and aspires to be portrayed in films, but so far not finished.
“Sister Terez” in 2012 was the latest work of Hanan Turk, and the series deals with the relationship between Muslims and Copts through the story of two twin girls separated, two infants; Khadija lived with a Muslim family, and Therese with a Christian family, and follow events and escalate until they meet without knowing each other.
Hanan Turk announced her retirement from acting in a telephone conversation on the “I and Honey” program presented by Nishan and confirmed that she would not return.


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