Artist News – Mona Khalil presents her latest designs at the World Fashion Week


You are watching artists’ news – Mena Khalil presents her latest designs at the World Fashion Week Paris News Date: Saturday 14 April 2018 07:22 PM

Paris Fashion News – Fashion designer Mena Al-Khalil is preparing to showcase the latest fashion trends in “Dresses and casual wear” during the first edition of the World Fashion Week, which will be held on May 5 and 6 at a major hotel in Dokki. The World Fashion Week is one of the most important festivals in the world and the Arab world, which is concerned with the latest trends of “dresses, makeup and photography”, and all about the Arab women’s world. In the festival, Muna Khalil is working on a new set of casual wear that includes “jacquard, suede, jadu, embroidered tulle, chiffon, embroidered, jeans and boblin with cotton, silk and stones in colored agate, pearl, crystal and agate.” In the festival, Khalil presents a large collection of “casual” pieces of modern and varied styles of her own taste. She designs her own designs in linen, cotton, boblin, suffet and cocktail pieces for simple occasions such as “wedding, These pieces were designed from dresses, suits, jibs, jackets, blouses, tops and accents, in which different materials were used to keep up with the fashion and depend on innovation.

We also used different ores in each piece to suit our Arab society and employ them to be characterized by pure oriental character, especially long dresses and wide cuts, highlighting the colors “yellow, purple, green and syphilis”, which gives the design a different shape that suits modern fashion. World Fashion Week Festival, led by businesswoman Nohi Hamdi, Director General of the Moroccan Festival Abdel Aal Tariq, and well-known concert organizer Hisham Mustapha. Mena Khalil began her life in the world of accessories and fashion; after finishing her studies in the fashion world, almost 10 years ago, she designed some accessories for the stars of art, including Nermin, Amy Talat Zakaria and others. Her first collection was made in summer photography, which was a major success in the fashion world. Another winter was named “Winter joy”. The stones were used in accessories on garnet, turquoise, lilac, coriander, amethyst, quartz and gadu.

Mena Khalil presents her latest designs at the World Fashion Week on the Paris-Beyouz website, which publishes the most important local, international, and economic news. To be in harmony with our privacy, we must To be aware that the article “News artists – Mena Khalil presents the latest designs at the World Fashion Week” has been a move from the site “Constitution” and you can read the news from its original site from here ” the Constitution “Thank you for following us. We hope that we will always be with you. Follow us at for the latest news

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