Artist steals 50,000 euros from museum: ‘Take the money and run’ | Abroad

56-year-old Jens Haaning was with the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg agreed to use the large sum of cash to create two works of art. The artworks would show a Danish and an Austrian annual income in crowns and euros.

However, when the curator of the museum unpacked the frames last week, he did not see the promised works. Instead, artist Haaning had a new work titled: ‘Take the Money And Run’ sent. He did exactly that: the artist took the money and fled with it.

“The trick is that I now have their money,” Haaning told a local channel. According to the agreement, the money must be returned at the end of the exhibition. “But that won’t happen,” said the 56-year-old. “I took it away.”

Haaning’s empty lists:

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