Artists' News - Details of the Opera Aida show with the stars of Bulgaria and Korea

Artists' News - Details of the Opera Aida show with the stars of Bulgaria and Korea

You are watching the artists’ news – the details of the “Opera Aida” featuring the stars of Bulgaria and Korea Paris News Date: Tuesday, April 17,

Paris News – A state of intense activity, witnessed by the Egyptian Opera House, under the chairmanship of Dr. Magdy Saber, in April, the establishment of more than 45 concerts distributed between 3 cities are Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour. In the context of the preservation of the pharaonic heritage and the common foreign-artistic relations, a unique model, and a highly technical condition, is presented for the interaction of foreign artists with Egyptian history and civilization. The Cairo Opera Orchestra, under the supervision of Egyptian soprano Dr. Iman Mustafa, In the history of fine art, the eternal Verdi Opera Aida, for four consecutive days, starts at 8 pm now and at this hour now, and continues until Friday, April 20 on the Grand Theater. Participating in the show are a group of famous Korean, Spanish and Bulgarian singers, accompanied by the Cairo Opera Ballet, under the supervision of Armenia Kamel, the Cairo Opera Orchestra, led by Italian Maestro David Krishnze, and Corral Acapella, led and trained by Aldo Maniatou, directed by Dr. Abdel Moneim Kamel and directed by Hazem Tayel . Al-Dustour learned that the director Hazem Tayel had agreed with the soprano Iman Mustafa to produce the show, after continuing with director Abdullah Saad, who apologized for participating, although he was the one who directed the opera Aida for many years, most recently at the foot of the pyramids.

The show is scheduled to begin at 8 pm, with more than 250 artists taking part. The main roles of the soprano Iman Mostafa will be played in exchange with Italian Elena Bramova as Aida, the Italian tenor Antonio de Palma as Radamis, Baritone Mustafa Mohamed in exchange with Imad Adel as Amonasaro , Soprano Dalia Farouk, in exchange with Jihan Fayed in the role of the High Priest, Metzosoprano Hala Shaboury, in exchange with Jolie Fezzi in the role of Amneurs, Bus Bariton Abdel Wahab Al Sayed in the role of the King, the Bulgarian Baritone Evallio Zuroff in the role of Ramfis, El Tenor Tamer Tawfiq, Yem Naji in the role of the Prophet. The «Tayel» several rehearsals accompanied by opera stars since Sunday, in preparation for the show now and at this hour now. The Aida Opera was specially written for the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal and was first shown at the Khedive Opera Theater on December 24, 1871, and is characterized by luxurious decorations that reflect the greatness of the history of the world and its cultural heritage and the large numbers of exhibitors and groups. The music of the moment of victory (Mars victory) is widely known and has been very successful in its presentation in various countries of the world.

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