Arts education from school to high school

Representation of the latest creation of the company Les Involtes.

As part of artistic and cultural education projects, students from the Marcel Barbanceys high school, primary school CM2 and 6
from La Triouzoune college attended the performance of the latest creation by the company Les Involtes,
When the circus came

This show, adapted from the eponymous comic strip by Wilfrid Lupano and Stéphane Fert (Delcourt editions, 2017), dazzled the students with the sets in the form of a giant pop-up book, puppets that come to life thanks to Mathilde Defromont and live music by Cédric Bouillot.

Following the performance, the students were able to take advantage of a stage board allowing them to exchange with the artists on their trades, the stages of creation of the show, the manufacture of the sets, the puppets, the technical part (sound control and light), the work of rewriting a text to adapt it to a show …

This dream time was only the beginning of two projects: Mathilde Defromont and Matéo Bassahon will come every Wednesday to the Marcel Barbanceys high school for theater workshops.

Adaptation project of an album

And they will work with CM2 and 6
as part of another adaptation project of a youth album
Big Brother’s Flowers
by Gaëlle Geniller (Delcourt 2019 editions) in plastic works.

These projects can see the light of day thanks to various partners: the DRAC, the rectorate of the Limoges academy, the region, the town hall of Neuvic, the house of high school students Marcel Barbanceys and the association Les Zincorréziens.

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