Arturo Valls also signs for Movistar Plus + to present his new entertainment show

Arturo Valls continues adding projects in different chains and platforms. Although his face is still closely linked to Atresmedia (finish Now I fall!for that group it was their series two years and one dayand the third edition of Mask Singer), his next release will be in Amazon Prime Video (with the format True Story), and now adds a new project of importance in Movistar Plus+.

Arturo Valls tells why he is a star in Uruguay, and his possible return to ‘Now I Fall’

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In addition to being a presenter, he will also be a producer through his company Pólvora Films of the Spanish adaptation of That’s My Jamthe entertainment format that in the United States presents Jimmy Fallon on NBC and in which different celebrities are subjected to games and musical challenges, as revealed by Yotele.

As explained by the same medium and verTele has been able to confirm, the project already has the green light from the platform, and in the coming weeks it will close its team to start recording.

Arturo Valls will be an important addition to the Movistar Plus+ entertainment portfolio, which in the last two years has ceased to have different offers, led by Late Motiv by Andreu Buenafuente. Yes they follow the only newspaper The resistance with David Broncano, the most legendary Illustrious ignorant with Coronas, Cansado and Colubi; and others like Martinez and Brothers with Dani Martinez, Candy Red with Susi Caramel, Milá vs Milá with Mercedes Mila, and five forks with Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal.

adaptation of That’s My Jam It will become, a priori, a strong commitment of the platform in this area, backed by the success it has already achieved in the United States. In the North American country, the space was born as a section of Jimmy Fallon’s daily program, The tonignt showbut it was so successful that it became independent, becoming its own format.

The signing of Arturo Valls to carry out this project at Movistar Plus+ does not imply his separation from Atresmedia, the group with which he is most closely linked. As with Amazon Prime Video and the cinema, the presenter and actor continues to add new adventures and projects with different networks and platforms, also as a producer.