The first question that Ernesto Valverde had to face at the press conference after the Barcelona match in Anuita was about replacing Demebeli with Arturo Vidal, but he avoided the question. "Why do not you ask me about the other changes?" He said. He explained that when there was a quarter of an hour on the end of the match, he decided to push the international Chile to the pitch to give more strength to the midfield of Barcelona. A three-time replay has been repeated in the last five official matches, but has not had the desired effect.

In those matches he had a substitute for Dembele, Vidal had a more trouble than a solution, because he was being dragged into a place where the player was punishing the opponent and pushing him back, which gave Barca the win in three games. Vidal's entry was minutes of suffering for the team.

Arturo Vidal appeared for the first time in Tangier in the Spanish Super Cup final against Sevilla, which was presented on the scoreboard. However, Dimbili scored the winner, and Valverde decided to replace him in the 86th minute and put Vidal in. Chile did not prevent the Andalusian club from continuing to harass the team until the final whistle.

In the Valladolid match, Vidal also entered a substitute for Demebeli in the 76th minute. The French also scored the goal that gave Barcelona three points. As happened against Sevilla, to repeat the same scenario, with strong pressure from a country of birth, only had Terje Stegin lookout. They even scored a goal in extra time, but was eliminated by a sneak.

On Saturday in Inuita the exact scenario was repeated. Dimbili came back to score three points and in the 77th minute he was replaced by Vidal. Real Sociedad was close to scoring without Steigen's skill once again.

The other times Vidal was substituted for Liga, in the first round substitute for Boschett in the 85th minute, and against Girona, substitute for Racic in 71.

However, on the three occasions where Dimbili's place was occupied to strengthen the midfield and close the game, the impact on the team's game was quite the opposite. Blaugrana's situation was unbalanced and ended up besieging them in their area. The Chilean may be out of shape and may not have fully recovered from knee injury last season, but the problem was more than a solution.