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Arun Jaitley meeting Vijay Mallya fifteen minutes kingfisher loan Congressman Rahul Gandhi speaks on Thursday in the capital about the media.

Congressman Rahul Gandhi accused Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday of working with business magnate Vijay Mallya and claimed that there had been evidence for the two meetings in parliament for over 15 minutes. "He (Jaitley) did not inform ED, CBI." What does that mean? He needs to explain why, if a criminal told him he flees to London, he did not do anything, "Gandhi said, speaking to a press conference in the party headquarters.

On Wednesday, Mallya claimed he met Jaitley in parliament before leaving the country in 2016. Mallya also said he had offered to settle bank loans. Jaitley scrapped the claims,

Also at the press conference, Congressman and Rajya Sabha MP PL Punia claimed that he saw Mallya meet in parliament on March 1, adding that the meeting lasted for about 15 minutes, first in a corridor and then in the Central Hall. Punia's indictment contradicts that of Jaitley, who claimed on Wednesday that he had snubbed Mallya and not talked to him.

Punia further claimed that records would show that Mallya entered the attendance list on March 1, 2016. "On March 1, 2016, when I was in the Central Hall of the Parliament Building, I saw Arun Jaitley and Vijay Mallya discreetly talking to each other, and on March 3, we heard from the media that he fled the country on March 2, 2016 Bring out the CCTV footage of the Parliamentary complex, see who said the truth, either I'll give up politics or he'll have to, "Punia said.

Demanding Jaitley's resignation, Gandhi said, "Finance Minister is responsible for taking action against economic criminals." "The finance minister himself hits them." The finance minister has admitted that Mallya has told him he's going to London, but the finance minister has done nothing Did not inform CBI, ED or other government arms Why? What was the deal? There is a message to hold Mr. Mallya back .This message is changed from a Withholding notification to an informational display Who was it? There are only two people – Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, "he claimed.

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Arun Jaitley's first answer

Earlier in the day, Jaitley told the ANI news agency, "I never gave him an appointment, never in my office, never in my apartment, and I never offered to meet him, I remember his privileges on one occasion As a member of Rajya Sabha abused and as I left Rajya Sabha in my room, he walked up to me in the Parliament building and suggested that he would make an offer for a settlement I did not even bother to take a detail from him I told him shortly that he had to go and make it to the bankers, because I knew that he had bluffed several times in the past and he had no intention to repay the banker's money. "

"Apart from this one-sentence exchange, where he literally addressed me while I was walking, trying to make an offer or suggestion that I did not want to keep, it's not a question I met him or talked to him At that time, you receive some paper from him, and so, to give the impression that he has made me an offer of settlement, and if that is what he refers to, that is not right, and he must agree with the complete facts, "said Jaitley.

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