Arvin Boolell: “Pravind Jugnauth runs the affairs of the country lightly and it is the middle class that is being crushed”

This Friday, August 27 in Belle-Rose, the red deputy Arvin Boolell held a press briefing. To shoot red balls on Pravind Jugnauth, leader of the Socialist Militant Movement (MSM). He maintained that the Prime Minister is trying to weaken Mauritian society. According to him, Pravind Jugnauth fears defeat in the next election. Because, he uses “communal means” to hang on to his post. The current government is the government of all scandals, says Arvin Boolell. He cites the construction of social housing as an example. He alleges that the company National Social Development Living will allocate construction contracts to two relatives of the “Iakwizinn”.

“Pravind Jugnauth manages the affairs of the country lightly and there is a Minister of Finance who misleads the population by saying with pride that the reserves of the Bank of Mauritius have not fallen,” he adds. The depreciation of the rupee, he says, by the government is crushing the middle class and the poor. The cost of living is becoming more and more extremely expensive. He mentioned the postponement of municipal elections.

Commenting on the dollar reserves at the Bank of Mauritius which have fallen by 500 million dollars, Arvind Boolell will say that the Rs 7.7 million dollars have gone from Rs 7.2 million dollars from January to June 2021. It is a depreciation of the rupee by 8% when we believe that the country’s reserves have not declined.

Referring to the inflation rate of 6.5%, Arvind Boolell asks the bosses of economic sectors who know that the government is mismanaging the affairs of the country, to stop with their complacency towards the government.

Then, the red deputy spoke about the PRB report which had to be applied. He accuses the Minister of Finance of having created confusion with his flagrant contradictions. He appealed to unions asking them to take action to defend the rights of employees in the private and public sectors.

Then, he commented on Ivan Collendavelloo’s request for his reinstatement in the Council of Ministers. According to Arvin Boolell, Pravind Jugnauth was unable to answer the 37 questions he put to her in his Angus Road affidavit. “Angus Road is the weak link in Pravind Jugnauth”, he insists.

To conclude, he criticized Pravind Jugnauth for his reply to the Seychellois president: “I will respond to his invitation when we have become more civilized”. For the Red MP, this demonstrates the small-mindedness of Pravind Jugnauth who, according to him, must remember that the Seychelles have been a partner for Mauritius, especially on several issues.

“With the Seychelles, we have become an ocean state. While the Maldives have turned their backs on us. Maurice has become an autocracy and we no longer enjoy a good reputation. Pravind Jugnauth acts as an autocrat. To date, he has not presented an established and adequate roadmap to address the problems in our economy. We are without a clear policy with regard to social, economic and governance. We also have a government that does not know Savings Culture, ”concluded the Red MP.

Arvin Boolell invited the Prime Minister to come and tell the people openly whether Agalega will be used as an Indian military base or not.