Arwa Joudeh is the guest of the first episodes of “Reaction” on Energie

Arwa Joudeh is the guest of the first episodes of “Sadeh Ridha” on Energie. The first story is not a news item that we wrote but it was brought from a news source that won the confidence of the Arab continent in all parts of the Arab world. Transparency, and without showing any modification aimed at distracting the Arab citizen from the truth or an amendment whose aim is to turn the attitudes of the Arab citizen into certain policies, and start with the most important news today, the special of “Arwa Jouda guest of the first episodes” repelled by his response to “Energy”. Arabi News – [date] [/ date] Starring Arwa Joudeh as guest in the first episodes of the program “Sada Reda” on Radio Energie frequency 92.1, which is implemented by Inas Salama Al-Shawaf. During the episode, Arroy talks about her vision of the art scene but with a football perspective, when she can retire and what is the measure of luck and success in her life. The program is transferred every day at 11:00 am and is repeated at 9:00 am on Sunday to Thursday. It hosts a number of Egyptian and Arab stars including Nelly Karim, Hind Sabri, Horia Farghali, Basma, the program will be broadcast over the course of an hour, and dialogue with the star in terms of spherical and new and different to the public. Arwa Joudeh guest of the first episodes of “Sadha Rada” on Energie, each creator achievement, and each thanks poem, and each article of the article, and each success thanks and appreciation, thank you very much to our dear visitors and dear Ali to follow us, and do not confuse your opinion in the above news from During the comments where your opinions are always important in the first and last place, Arwa Jouda guest of the first episodes of “Rejection of his response” to Energie, and do not forget to also follow us on the social networking pages of our site Arab News site, our pages on the sites of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, It has to reach you latest and latest political and economic news Technical and sports news, health and beauty news, and the world of Eve, as well as the varied news and entertainment to reach you immediately after the first occurrence, Arwa Joudeh guest of the first episodes of “Sadda reply” on Energy. Arab News – Arwa Joudeh is the guest of the first episodes of “Reaction” on Energie
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