Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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AS Capricorn : “Canda” for business


Disappeared from the radar for a few months to dedicate himself to his professional activities, Patrick Candassamy, the ex-president of the Saint-Pierroise, who has several trophies to his credit as a player and leader returns to the front of the stage. It is, in effect, him, of course, in concert with the current leader of the Capricorn Thierry Suzanne and Cedric Brandon, who is leading the negotiations in this hot period of the transfers.

What is it that explains your return to business ?

“At the request of the president, that I know in the business world, I help a little bit a team that has been demoted in Regional 2. And then, this makes me a lot of good to bring my stone to a team of the city. I do not want to be president of a club because my professional life takes me lot of time. Maybe when I’m retired, I would still be looking after this role. I would go to the league to help my president Ethève.

what is your role within the organizational structure of the club ?

With Thierry Suzanne, we have focused our action in the implementation of the whole structure of the club. Because of its ubiquity, it is a leader who learns quickly. And for the little story, he was born on October 28, and I 29. Therefore, it follows all the time.

The negotiations are they still as difficult as in the past ?

It is without doubt less difficult because the municipal councils, major donors, and the clubs are more cautious in financial terms. There are fewer clubs with big resources. In regards to Capricorn, it does not have the means to play the leading roles. Four or even five teams dominate the competition. We must look for a place in the soft belly. The context helps, we have accelerated our recruitment, while keeping the vast majority of players already present. We will have a group of 26 players of which one-third is composed of the U18 t U19.

Have you stopped the choice of the coach ?

No. We are in contact with three coaches of R1. The final decision will be made on Monday, unless we had an agreement before. We do not want to jeopardize the finances. We expect to resume the 22 or the 23 of this month. With Batista, it was not heard financially. The protocol put in place to deal with the antecedent of 2012-2013 will be respected.”


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