As human papillomavirus and weak immunity are caused by cervical cancer: we deal with an oncologist

As human papillomavirus and weak immunity are caused by
 cervical cancer: we deal with an oncologist

Annually cervical cancer diagnosed in hundreds of residents of Tyumen. At the same time, many of them turn to doctors for help too late – the tumor at the time reaches a large size and almost does not give in to treatment. This is not only due to the carelessness of women who have not been visited by gynecologists for years, but also the disease itself, which can be asymptomatic for a long time. What factors provoke the development of cervical cancer, why does the disease most often attack mothers and what role does the human papillomavirus that 80% of women are infected with – these questions within our weekly column “Oncolikbez” Maria Kuzmenko, the oncologist-gynecologist of the “Medical City” answers. – Why does cervical cancer occur? – The main cause is human papilloma virus (HPV), which is borne by almost 80% of the adult population. But there are other factors that can provoke the development of this disease: promiscuous sex life, unprotected sex, decreased immunity, stress, negative environmental impact, smoking … – Does this mean that all women infected with HPV sooner or later will have a malignant tumor? – Not necessary. At the moment, science knows more than 200 species of this virus, but only about twenty are considered highly coenotic. For the development of cervical cancer, it is necessary that many factors coincide. Not the least role here is the decrease in immunity. If the defenses of the body are weakened, the human papillomavirus easily penetrates the cells and blocks the proteins that are responsible for their normal division. If the cell begins to divide uncontrollably, the woman ultimately develops cancer. – Is it possible to recover from human papillomavirus? – Yes, but the treatment plan is always assigned individually. There is no single recipe that will suit everyone. There is an opinion that this virus does not need to be treated, the positions of scientists on this issue diverge. If you are interested in my opinion, then I believe that HPV should be treated. But it is necessary to do this after a detailed examination and under the supervision of a doctor. – What are the symptoms of suspected cervical cancer? – At the initial stages, unfortunately, the cancer itself does not manifest itself in any way. Therefore, a gynecologist should be visited annually, regardless of whether you have pain or not. Most of the women who come to us did not even suspect a serious illness. The clinical symptoms characteristic of cervical cancer appear only in the late stages. It is worthwhile if you have a lot of watery discharge with an unpleasant odor, pain in the lower abdomen or lumbar region, frequent urge to urinate, fatigue increased, and weakness appeared. – What kinds of gynecological examinations can be done for free? – The examination in the women’s consultation at the place of residence is always free of charge. Also Tyumenki can hand over smears on onkotsitologiju (microscopic research of a cellular material from a neck of a uterus and the cervical channel which allows to reveal in time onkopatologiju). In general, cervical cancer is detected even with the usual gynecological examination. No complicated techniques and technologies are needed to identify this disease in the early stages and cure. It is believed that oncocytology in conjunction with the definition of HPV – the most optimal version of the early diagnosis of the problem that occurs on the cervix. Only here the analysis on a virus of a papilloma of the person in Tyumen polyclinics becomes paid, because such research does not enter into standards of obligatory medical insurance. – Who is most often diagnosed with cervical cancer? – Most of our patients – from 39 to 45 years. And often when collecting an anamnesis it turns out that some of them did not appear at the gynecologist for many years. According to statistics, only 70% of Tyumen women go to the doctor at stage 1 and 2 of the disease, the remaining 30% of women come to us already with neglected stages. In general, from the moment of primary treatment with background and precancerous changes on the cervix before the onset of cancer, usually takes at least 10-15 years. And if a woman regularly visits a gynecologist, the doctor will be able to detect a precancerous disease in time and cure the patient. – Is it true that the disease prefers to attack women giving birth? – With childbirth and pregnancy, the disease is not connected. But the first place among the causes of cervical cancer is promiscuity. It is believed that if a woman had seven or more sexual partners, the probability that she is infected with HPV is about 90 percent. – How is cervical cancer treated? – There are three main methods of treatment: surgical removal of the tumor, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Combination treatment is also used when combined with different techniques. Now in oncology – the era of organ-saving operations. This is when only the affected parts are removed, and the uterus itself is preserved, so that the patients can bear and bear children. But this is possible only at the initial stage of the disease. – Tell us about the most complex operations. – In oncology, unfortunately, there are no easy operations. Often they last many hours. But I think that the real success of a doctor is not complex operations, in which half of the organism affected by a tumor is removed, but organ-preserving, after which women successfully recover, live and give birth to children. Cancer is not a verdict. The weekly column “Oncolikbez” correspondent every week talking with doctors, oncologists, who explain what is cancer of different localizations, and how to deal with it. Earlier mammologist Roman Talovikov told about other malignant malignant tumors that are found in Tyumen. Breast cancer, he said, every eighth woman . Surgeon Andrei Lyssov explained why every person should study their pedigree and why tumors appear even in healthy people . And the chief oncologist of the city, Mikhail Naumov, explained why Tyumenians most often develop cancer, and what happens in their body with the development of malignant tumors. Neurosurgeon Dmitry Vorobyev shared stories of complicated operations and said that smoking during pregnancy can lead to brain tumors in children . According to oncologists, the most common type of cancer in our region is skin tumors. They are detected in every third patient. Melanoma, similar to a birthmark, even in children . If you have questions about cancer, if you yourself have come across this disease or know those who are cured of cancer and are ready to tell your story of the fight, then be sure to write to mail class = “io-leave-page”> with the mark “oncological education program”. Or contact the author of the rubric: in social networks “In contact with” , and also in WhatsApp or Viber by phone number: + 7-922-261-00-52 (Maria Tokmakova).

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