[As of January 21, Nerima Ward Extraordinary Special Benefits and Corona Countermeasures, etc. Nerima Ward Assembly Member Shingo Takahashi]–Shingo Takahashi |

Good morning, I’m Shingo Takahashi, a member of the Nerima Ward Assembly.

Today, I would like to talk about extra special benefits and corona measures.

Extraordinary special benefits for child-rearing households

For households with children from 0 to 3rd grade in high schoolPer childCash 100,000 yenWill be paid.

(Note)There are income restrictions.

It is difficult to list everything, so I will paste the URL.

Extraordinary special benefits for child-rearing households: Nerima Ward official website (

Extraordinary special benefits for households exempt from residence tax

As the effects of the new coronavirus infectious disease continue for a long time, we will provide 100,000 yen per household to households exempt from residence tax in the 3rd year of Reiwa so that they can promptly receive support for their lives.

Again, it is difficult to list everything, so I will paste the URL.

Extraordinary special benefits for households exempt from residence tax: Nerima Ward official website (

And corona measures.

The momentum of the new coronavirus infection Omicron strain seems to be unstoppable.

Anyway, the rapid infection at school is remarkable. Details will be written later.

In response to this, Nerima Ward will advance the third inoculation to nursery teachers and teachers, including employees, in order to protect children from infection.

In order to take measures to protect children from infection as soon as possible, since February 4th year of Reiwa, nursery teachers, teachers, contractors, etc. who work in nursery schools, kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools, school children’s clubs, etc. Vaccines will be given to staff including those who have been vaccinated 7 months before the second vaccination.

In addition, it was decided to inoculate those who have an underlying disease, which has the highest risk of becoming severe next to the elderly, in the same way earlier than 7 months.

Infections within club activities are also occurring in the school, and I think that there will be temporary holidays for other club activities as well as club activities in the physical education club, but I would like to ask for your understanding from the perspective of preventing the spread of infection. ..

is as follows, and infected people have been confirmed not only at schools but also at each ward facility.
(1) January 17th to 19th … 26 ward elementary school children (18 schools)
(2) January 17th to 19th … 10 municipal junior high school students and 2 teachers (10 schools)
(3) January 20 … 1 user of welfare facility for persons with disabilities
(4) January 20 … One ward office employee
(5) January 18 … One staff member of the Regional Comprehensive Support Center
(6) January 20th and 21st … 2 schoolchildren club staff
(7) January 20th … 1 school opening business staff

It is said that some classes have begun to reopen after closing classes at school.

According to media reports, Juntendo University Nerima Hospital has become a regional emergency medical center and has accepted patients who cannot be accepted at other hospitals, but it is becoming more difficult. It is a thing.

The Omicron strain is said to be milder than the previous virus, but that is not the case for everyone.

Continue to take maximum precautions.

The government has officially approved a vaccine for ages 5-11, and it is expected that pediatric vaccination will begin in March of this year.

I think that vaccination of children under the age of 15 will require the consent of their parents, but I think that this should be an opportunity to study vaccination of children.

It is necessary for the teacher to think for himself once and take in the opinions of various people, rather than having a friend decide that the family should or should not be vaccinated. Isn’t it?

By doing so, I hope that the children who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated will be able to respect their ideas.

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