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Sosok.ID – If China continues to claim 80 percent of the South Pacific waters as its sovereignty then don’t blame other countries united in bombing Panda.

In fact not only with Asian countries China had an argument.

With the United States (US) and European countries, China has also been in a relationship that is not harmonious.

And now another country that is going to clash with China.

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China has again worsened the atmosphere of peace by increasing the number of hostile countries, this time, China bluffing Canada.

China issued a travel warning to Canada on Monday (6/7/2020). China also threatens bilateral relations between the two countries to worsen.

This bluff is the aftermath of Canada’s policy of suspending an extradition treaty with Hong Kong and stopping the export of military equipment there.

In line with Canada, other Western countries are also compactly voicing concerns about the impact of the National Security Act in Hong Kong which affects the city’s privileges.

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“China strongly condemns this and declares its right to make further responses.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at regular meetings.

“All consequences arising from it will be borne by Canada,” he continued quoted from AFP on Monday (07/07/2020).

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa separately issued travel warning, and urged its citizens to remain cautious because “acts of violence that are often carried out by law enforcement agencies in Canada, have triggered many demonstrations.”

Meanwhile, shortly after the National Security Act was enacted, Canada has renewed travel rules to Hong Kong, so that Canadians can feel how this Chinese law will affect them.

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Relations between Beijing and Ottawa have deteriorated since Canadian authorities arrested one of Huawei’s top brass, Meng Wanzhou, in December 2018.

In retaliation, China then arrested two Canadians, including a former diplomat.

“Every effort to suppress China will never succeed,” Zhao said.

Then Zhao said, Canada took the wrong policy towards China, and he urged Canada to immediately correct it.

“Stop intervening in Hong Kong affairs and China’s domestic affairs in any way, to avoid further complications in China-Canada bilateral relations,” he concluded.

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