Ascoli Piceno, stopped one of the nurses of the Rsa: it is accused of having killed eight elderly patients, and four other attempted murders

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A nurse he was arrested this morning at dawn by the police of Ascoli Piceno with the accusation of having killed eight elderly patients as guests of a home care of the province and of having attempted the murder of four other guests. In regard to the man, a 57-year-old was made an order of remand in prison for months, as a result of the first acts of the investigation, had already been transferred to other duties not in direct contact with patients. In the operation they were engaged in different military of the core investigative of Ascoli Piceno, of the Company of San Benedetto del Tronto and stazione di Offida.

The nurse, on duty at the Rsa of Offida, is investigated for eight intentional homicides premeditated and 4 attempted murders of the elderly, which took place between January 2017 and February 2019, in periods in which the man was serving at the structure. The hypothesis is that the deaths were given their drugs not provided or in excessive doses.

Challenged, you know, the prosecutor Umberto Monti, “the further aggravating of having committed the facts with the means insidious (repeated administration of improper drugs, promazine, insulin, anticoagulants, doses, and/or the type is not provided and contraindicated in order to cause the deaths), and with abuse of powers and violation of the duties inherent in the function of a nurse that espletava”. The foundation of the injunction have been acquired “serious indications of guilt and have been identified as crucial precautionary requirements”.

The investigation began in September 2018, when the carabinieri station of Offida has reported to the prosecutor’s office of Ascoli Piceno, some of the information collected on deaths of suspects, that occurred in a health facility, which houses elderly and in need of assistance of a health type. Surveys have emerged as the first evidence when from the preliminary analysis on the blood of some patients who died in the structure are discovered concentrations of promazine (a medicine neurolettico), at toxic levels, and absolutely incompatible with the therapies prescribed for those patients.

At the beginning of 2019, from the autopsy of two corpses, one of which is revived, it emerged that one of the patients had died for the administration of promazine in lethal doses, and the other for insulin administration in a subject is not diabetic. The survey, and a strong technical-scientific level, it has developed, as well as with technical activities, with a careful analysis of dozens of patient records acquired for a number of patients of the facility and with the examination of many of the persons informed of the facts (including doctors, nurses and health care professionals).

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