If you're already in the mood for Christmas and you're ruining some of the mothers, you can go wild in the aisles with the news that not just one but TWO supermarkets are selling gingerbread gin.

It may only be September, but both Asda and Aldi feel very festive, because this week they have both launched gingerbread gin liqueurs on the market.

We start with Asda. The store, with branches in the Felling, Metrocentre, Boldon, Benton and Gosforth areas, now has Extra Special Gingerbread Gin Liqueur on offer.

The Gin is a vibrant orange gold and comes with a shimmering, pearlescent, edible glitter – perfect for giving your favorite cocktails an autumnal touch.

Currently available only in the store, but due in the near future online, it will not break the bank as it is only £ 12.

On the heels of Asda's very Christmassy drink comes Aldi's The Infusionist. Gingerbread, which, while not yet available, is sure to be very popular when launched on the shop floor and online on October 1st.

Asda and Aldi's gingerbread gins
Asda and Aldi's gingerbread gins

With warming notes of ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and orange, Aldi recommends serving it with a dash of tonic water or pure over ice.

Just to get you ready for the launch day, there are Aldi stores in and around Newcastle in Felling, Pelaw and Cowgate.



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