Asia Bibi was desperately thirsty when she got a cup of water from an open well in a fruit tree grove in rural Pakistan in 2009. The five-year-old illiterate was one of the few Christians who worked predominantly in Muslim violence, who were often discriminated against for their beliefs. When Bibi dipped her cup back into the well to drink another water, the Muslim workers chastised her because she had contaminated the water intended only for Muslims. Blasphemy: Condemned to death over a cup of water, like the French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet, who co-authored the book. There was a quarrel and someone called "blasphemy" and accused Bibi of "disrespecting the name of the Prophet Muhammad".

She was beaten, arrested and sentenced to death by hanging. Nine years later, following global indignation and plea for her release of presidents, prime ministers and popes, she was acquitted by a Pakistani court, lacking evidence that she had actually said anything about the Prophet. The court quoted Shakespeare King Lear in his belief that Bibi "sinned more than sinned".

But for fear of her safety and continued protests from the Pakistani Islamist movement Tehreek-e Labbaik, which has called on the Pakistani Supreme Court to review the acquittal, Bibi has not yet been released. Islamabad and Lahore were followed by days of rage and death threats that left Bibi's husband and children in hiding. Even her lawyer Saiful Mulook escaped death threats from the country. He is now in the Netherlands and has applied for asylum there.

Now it looks like Bibi will find refuge in Italy after her husband Ashiq Masih has posted a video about the Catholic group Aid To The Church In Need or ACN. In the message, Masih, along with her partner Eisham, who worked alongside her mother when she was beaten and arrested, asked for refuge from Italy, America, Canada, and other European nations.

"I appeal to the Italian government to help me and my family leave Pakistan," Masih told ACN. "We are very worried because our lives are in danger. We do not even have enough to eat because we can not go to buy food. "

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who has a long history of anti-Islamic achievements, said Italy would do anything to safeguard Bibi's freedom and security. "I want women and children whose lives are in danger to have a secure future in our country or in other Western countries, so I will do everything possible to ensure this," Salvini said in an interview with a local Italian radio station. "It is not permissible for anyone to risk losing their life because of a blasphemy hypothesis in 2018."

He added that in the event of asylum application in Italy, Bibi and her family would receive similar protection, which is generally granted to mafia victims. In Italy, more than 200 people are currently protected around the clock.

In February ACN illuminated the ancient Roman coliseum red At a ceremony in Rome to pray for Bibi and other persecuted Christians, while Pope Francis was meeting Bibi's husband and children and saying, "I often think of your mother and pray for her." ACN says they are planning the Venice lagoon to redden if Bibi is not released and allowed to leave Pakistan.



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