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 Edmund Zagorski.
The state of Tennessee (USA) enlists the execution on Thursday, for a double murder, of the inmate Edmund Zagorski, who has asked to die in the electric chair instead of a lethal injection. Tennessee does not use the electric chair for executions since 2007, although the state of Virginia was the last in the United States to use it, in 2013. Virginia and Tennessee -as well as seven other states- conserve the electric chair as a secondary method of execution in case inmates prefer it to lethal injection, which It is the first choice in the whole country. Both Daryl Holton in 2007 in Tennessee and Robert Gleason in 2013 in Virginia asked to die in the electric chair. Zagorski, 63, was initially going to receive a lethal injection on October 11, but Last time he asked Tennessee for the electric chair and his execution was postponed to prepare it. The execution is now scheduled for Thursday at 19:00 local time at the Maximum Security Institution. rbend, in Nashville.
According to the protocol of the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Zagorski will be supplied with an electric shock of one thousand 750 volts for 20 seconds, followed by a 15-second pause and another 1,550-volt discharge for 15 seconds. After five minutes of waiting, doctors will check if the inmate has died or, otherwise, the state will provide new downloads.Zagorski was sentenced to death in 1984 for the murders a year before John Dale Dotson and Jimmy Porter, who was supposed to sell 100 pounds mariguana.Zagorski took them to a wooded area to close the deal, but once there he shot them, cut their throats and stole the money they had brought to buy the drug. The United States has executed a thousand 484 since the Court Supreme restored the death penalty four decades ago. Tennessee has executed seven of these thousand 484 inmates. More news on MSN: The news of the day


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