ONE Championship continues to showcase its action with ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX IV, the fourth part of the series. Which has held the competition in Singapore on Friday, November 20 the past. And broadcast the record of the game to fans from over 150 countries around the world Carry an army of 5 pairs of athletes with all the rules, including mixed fighting (MMA), Muay Thai and kickboxing.

With highlighted at The main showpiece of Russia’s “Aslan Besikryf” made his debut in ONE Championship with the second-ranked kickboxing ranker, “Wang Chung Kuang” from China. Rules kickboxing catchweight 58.3 kg, which Aslanbeck Is unanimous to win points
The first Aslanbeg, who started the first battle It is the party walking without waking up in the ring, hoping to use a great punch, plus many beautiful flowers to make it feel thrilling. But did not close the game, Aslanbek, the jaws were strong, not startled Still walking towards him, hoping to come out to fight

Aslanbeck walked continuously in the second round. Ready to show off his noticeable child by turning his body and throwing his fist into the face And jumping on the knees floating on the side of Hope still settling and distributing a set of fists, which is a dangerous weapon to collect points

Hoping to change the game to the defense in the last round, Aslanbek waits back some time. But both of them fought Plus the weapons put together in a uncompromising way when the time expires Aslanbek wins the slash points unanimously Launching a new battle beautifully

While the second match, “Joseph Laziri” from Italy, met with “Rocky Ogden”, a live form puncher from Australia. In the Muay Thai rules, Catchweight 59 kg.

When the referee gives the signal to start punching, Rocky puts his beautiful shins left and right, Joseph threatens to walk on his knees and elbows, not cheating on both sides. Wade through the shin, fist each other, it drops. Techniques and workmanship throughout the first two rounds

Rocky begins to faint in the final round, so Joseph walks in a speeding gear up around. Different games take turns pushing forward No one fell apart, all 3 rounds ended wildly. The judges raised a headache before raising a hand for Joseph to win the vote unanimously.

Official results of ONE: INSIDE THE MATRIX IV

– Aslan Bexicre F wins “Golden Boy” and therefore unanimously scores a score (kickboxing catchweight 58.3 kg)

– Joseph “THE HURRICANE” Laziri beat Rocky “Rocky” Ogden by unanimous score (59 kg matchweight Muay Thai)

– Kwon “PRETTY BOY” Won Il defeated Bruno “PUCCIBULL” Pucci by TKO with 2:00 of round 1 (Mixed Fight Bantamweight version)

– Ryuko “KAITAI” Takahashi defeated Changmin “THE BIG HEART” Yoon by knocking out at 2:52 of the 2nd round (mixed fight Featherweight version)

– Myra Mazar defeated Che Jung Yoon by TKO with 4:26 of the 3rd round (61.35 kg matchweight match fight)

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