Aspar Team, Izan Guevara’s team

Izan Guevara has piloted the GasGas to glory. But behind the pilot, the spearhead of this whole story, there is a shadow team. In the box, the ‘hospitality’, in the offices taking care of logistics… The structure of the Aspar Team, led by the four-time world champion Valencian that gives it its name, has put all the meat on the grill, growing until it gets into the bulk of the displacements (Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE).

A classic and a figure known by fans always circulates through the box that Guevara shares with Sergio García Dols. For several seasons, Gino Borsoi, sports manager of the Aspar Teamis in charge of supervising that everything works as it should and that the protagonists of the weekend do not lack anything.

Media management is key, and there they are Maria Jose Bottle and Vicente Vilaas responsible for marketing and communication, in addition to attending and updating social networks, a vital information channel in these times.

Inside the box, with the mission of preparing GasGas to meet Izan’s expectations, Alessandro Tognelli is the chief mechanica team in which Miguel Gallego and Adrian Vila are fundamental pieces, in the same way as the work of the Data Engineer, David Nácher, within a gear that completes Oscar Grauas tire and fuel manager.

Other proper names in the technical organization chart of the Aspar Team are those of Silvia Peluffo, Carmen Prytz, Leonor Fons, Irene Camacho and Roger Marcacciniwhich complete the working group led by Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ and makes life easier for pilots. In this case, the new Moto3 world champion: Izan Guevara.