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Assange: whirl around bedroom photo – start left call for Wikileaks founder

After seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested. This photo should be responsible for this.

  • Julian Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for years.
  • Ecuador has now withdrawn the Wikileaks founder diplomatic asylum.
  • On Thursday, he was arrested by police officers from Scotland Yard.
  • There is an extradition request from the USA.
  • The health of the Wikileaks founder seems catastrophic.

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Assange: whirl around bedroom photo – start left call for Wikileaks founder

13:28: Left-wing MPs have called for the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was arrested in the UK, to be prevented from the United States. It was the duty of "all decent democrats of the EU Member States" to prevent extradition, said the members of the Bundestag Heike Hänsel and Sevim Dagdelen (both left) and the Spanish MEP Ana Miranda (Greens) in a protest on Monday before Assange prison in the east of London.

"We have a humanitarian responsibility, as Assange is now in British custody and a US extradition request exists," said the three women politicians. High-ranking officials of the US government, including President Donald Trump, had threatened Assange "with death", it was justified.

Threat of "global criminalization of journalism"

The crackdown on Assange created a "dangerous precedent that would allow journalists from around the world, including EU citizens, to be extradited to the US if the coverage is interpreted as a risk to US national security." It threatens a "global criminalization of journalism".

The three MPs had applied for a visit to Assange's prison on Monday, Hänsel told AFP. At first, however, this did not happen because the authorities had not yet decided on the application. The politicians therefore sought the British Ministry of the Interior, the prison administration and the British Embassy in Berlin for access to Assange.

Update from April 15, 2019, 10:20 am: The New York Post Believes to have found out the reason for the expulsion of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy. The photo shows head of state Ecuadorian Lenín Moreno half covered in a bed, in front of him a set table with a large bowl of lobster. According to the New York Post, the photo in Ecuador caused a lot of trouble. After all, the population has to fight because of the financial crisis with austerity measures of the government.

Lenin Moreno is now alleged to have accused Assange and his Wikileaks disclosure platform to have published the photo. Assange is said to have led an eccentric life in the Ecuadorian embassy. In addition to nocturnal activities, he is said to have given only half clothed interviews. President Lenin Moreno again defended Monday's decision to withdraw Assange's asylum.

21:50: Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno has in an interview with the British Guardian explains the background to the expulsion of Julian Assange from the country's embassy in London. He raised allegations against the Wikileaks founder – and reported a guarantee by the British authorities, which could still be of great importance for the further fate of Assange.

Moreno said Assange had made a "spy center" out of the embassy. "These activities violate the preconditions of asylum." "He was a guest who received a dignified treatment, but he did not return that treatment to the country that welcomed him."

Julian Assange was arrested in London.

© dpa / Victo ria Jones

Assange's behavior was "reprehensible and outrageous," Moreno complained in the email-led interview. The Wikileaks founder had treated the Embassy staff badly, launched an "aggressive campaign against Ecuador" and "made legal threats against anyone who helped him".

The cessation of asylum was a sovereign decision – and not due to pressure from another country, said Moreno, probably with a view to speculation about US interference. "We do not take decisions based on external pressure from any other country," said Ecuador's President.

Ecuador has received guarantees from the United Kingdom regarding possible extradition to the United States. "For us, the right to life is the highest value we need to protect," Moreno told The Guardian regarding the possible assassination of the Assange in the United States. Britain has given written assurances that Assange will not be extradited to any country where he faces torture, ill-treatment or punishment.

Assange threatens extradition: German MPs want to travel to London

19.50 clock: In view of the imminent extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, several members of parliament now want to travel to London. The left-wing politicians Heike Hänsel and Sevim Dagdelen want to visit Assange in London's Belmarsh Prison and give a press conference, as the faction of the party announced on Sunday.

Apparently, a visit to Assange in Ecuador's embassy was planned. Whether the politicians in the detention center to the imprisoned 47-year-olds are admitted, it is still unclear: "assume that the British authorities, in whose captivity Assange is now, make this visit now possible," they said.

The small delegation will also include the Spanish Green Party member Ana Miranda.

12:51: Expensive plumber for an eccentric guest: In order to repair the toilet of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who had been stuck in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years, a plumber from Valencia, Spain, was flown in 2016. The Spanish-born security guards of the native Australian feared that a local plumber could spoil the loo. Cost of the four-day operation: 4000 euros.

This was reported by the Spanish daily "El País" on Sunday, citing former protectors of the revelator arrested on Thursday in London. According to this, a company based in Cádiz, southern Spain, was responsible for the safety of the guest for many years. She was paid directly by a secret service in Quito.

Your protege called the Spaniards internally "the guest" or "El Juli", a shortening of his first name, but also the name of a famous torero. Assange used to go to sleep late and get up late. Although he could not leave the embassy, ​​he received plenty of visitors, including Lady Gaga, Yoko Ono and her son Sean Lennon or the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who brought him food.

The Spaniards also observed the eccentric behavior of Assange. He gave TV interviews in underpants, he was dressed only from the belt upwards, so the part of his body visible on the screen. He had let himself go and did not flush the toilet after use. The embassy staff also interfered with cooking in a small room on an electric stovetop. The long time in the embassy he sometimes expelled himself with skateboarding or ball games in the hallway.

The deployment of the Spanish team ended in 2017, when left-leaning President Rafael Correa was replaced by the moderate Lenín Moreno in Quito. Last week, Ecuador Assange withdrew the diplomatic protection, whereupon he was arrested by the British police. He is threatened with extradition to the United States.

US indictment published against Assange

9.20 am: Julian Assange has been sitting in Wandsworth Prison in London since Thursday. The London court has now scheduled a first hearing on 2 May. Since the US wants Britain to hand over the Wikileaks founder to them, they must publish all the charges against him. The "grand jury" of a court in Alexandria (Virginia) has done so now. Reported about it Mirror online, However, the six-page indictment with the date of March 6, 2018 does not really deliver anything.

Julian Assange is accused of "conspiracy to penetrate computers". "He was not authorized to receive Classified Information from the United States," states the US indictment. Specifically, the connection between the analyst Bradley Manning, who is called after a sex change today Chelsea Manning, and Assange. Manning had relayed information about US war crimes in Iraq. In 2010, Manning downloaded several almost complete databases. He then supplied the "agents of Wikileaks". Wikileaks has published most of the more than 740,000 documents on the site.

To blur the trail of downloads, Assange and Manning agreed to "help him crack a password for US Department of Defense computers." That was not successful.

The US authorities accuse Assange of "conspiracy" (conspiracy). The maximum penalty for the "Conspiracy to Enter Computer" is five years. For the US journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has worked with Edward Snowden, the accusations are nothing new and "known for years". But for him, the prosecution is a "serious threat to press freedom."

The lawyers of Assange are sure that it will not stay with the brief indictment. They expect him and other Wikileaks employees to be charged under the Espionage Act. This is an old law dating from 1917. It provides for decades of imprisonment and, in particularly severe cases, the death penalty.

Assange's father demands repatriation of his son to Australia

8.13 clock: The father of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has called on the Australian government to ensure his son's return to his homeland. Australian Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister Scott Morrison should "do something," said John Shipton of the Australian newspaper "Sunday Herald Sun".

"It can easily be solved to the satisfaction of all," said Shipton convinced. There have already been talks between a senator and a senior State Department official about his son's extradition to Australia. However, Prime Minister Morrison had said Friday that Assange could not expect a "special treatment" from his home country.

News from April 13: Assange / Wikileaks: 70 British MPs demand extradition to Sweden

16:47: The confessed in Ecuador confidant of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange remains in pre-trial detention for the time being. The 36-year-old Swede is said to have planned cyber attacks on information systems, according to the investigators, as the Prosecutor General announced on Saturday in Quito. His bank accounts are therefore frozen for the time being.

The suspect had been caught while he was about to leave for Japan. He had numerous data carriers with him, the prosecution said. During the search of his apartment more tablets, USB sticks, cell phones and credit cards were secured.

The suspect is said to have visited Assange several times in his exile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. On Thursday, the revelation activist was arrested by the British police after nearly seven years of asylum. The US is demanding his extradition.

14:57: A group of around 70 British MPs appealed to the government in London to allow Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to hand over to Sweden if Sweden so requests. The parliamentarians are on the side of the victims of sexual violence, wrote Labor MEP Stella Creasy on Twitter. The signers of the letter warned that media attention is currently focused on a possible Australian extradition to the US.

Also read: Wagon of Ambassador in London "deliberately rammed"? Police open fire

Because of Julian Assange: Trump plays the clueless

13:42: Julian Assange fears the extradition to the USA. For nine years, the US authorities are chasing him. As much as he has harmed the most powerful country in the world with his publications, for example on the war crimes in Iraq, he also helped US President Donald Trump win his election. Also due to the publicization of internal emails of the Democrats and the campaign team of Hillary Clinton, Trump was able to prevail in the presidential election campaign.

After the arrest of Wikileaks founder Assange, the president is in a bind. That's why he also gives the unsuspecting. "I do not know about WikiLeaks," he said recently, claiming that it does not play any role in his life.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump said, "Boy, I love to read WikiLeaks." Assange also reiterated that he did not receive the emails from Russian hackers, as the US authorities accused him.

At that time he could still hope for Trump's protection. But the longer he is in office, the more he leans back on the subject. If in the course of the investigation but links with Russia are detected, it could also fall back on the US president. What Trump actually thinks about Assange and WikiLeaks remains unclear. Too often he has changed his mind. In 2010, when he was just beginning to flirt with politics, he said in an interview about Assange: "That's shameful. I think that should be the death penalty or something similar. "

Julian Assange in the horror prison: catastrophic state of health – mother with insistent appeal

8.30 am: After his arrest, Julian Assange was taken to the notorious Wandsworth Prison in south London. It is considered "the most crowded prison in England". That reports image, There are already several inmates killed.

This is particularly worrisome because the Wikileaks founder is in poor health and mental state after nearly seven years of isolation at the Ecuadorian embassy. His mother Christine (68) wrote on Twitter about her son's problems and at the same time made an appeal to the police: "Please be patient, gentle and kind to him."

Specifically, she writes that her son was imprisoned for eight years without charge. He was robbed of fresh air, sun and sport for six years. He was ill for three years without being medically cared for. And he had to endure a year of isolation and torture.

Also Dr. Sean Love, who was allowed to investigate Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador last year, makes a catastrophic judgment about his health. He tweeted after the arrest that the damage was irreparable: "The physical and psychological consequences of Assange captivity in the embassy are irreversible."

News from April 12: Julian Assange's expensive stay: that's how much the asylum cost in Ecuador's embassy

10:45 pm: After almost seven years, the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has seized Julian Assange's asylum – leaving the Wikileaks founder in the hands of British justice. The costs of embassy asylum may have played a role in this decision Bild-Zeitung reported online, Assange's stay was far from cheap. Both for the state of Ecuador, as well as for the British authorities.

According to the information, about five million US dollars of intelligence costs had accumulated for the first five years of residence on the part of Ecuador. Of these, an "international security company" and undercover agents have been paid. Food and accommodation costs are not included in this amount. Lastly, Assange was supposed to pay for food, medicine and clothing.

Apparently there was also a dispute because Assange torpedoed monitoring the Embassy. According to the picture, the Wikileaks founder was first accused in February of removing a lamp in front of a surveillance camera, shortly after having "deliberately turned up the radio aloud".

The London police had already published in March 2018 drastic numbers: So had the observation of Assange by October 2015 with 13.2 million pounds to book.

Julian Assange in custody: UN expert warns against extradition to Trumps USA

Update from April 12th, 6:24 pm: A UN torture expert has warned against a possible extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States. "I'm worried about a fair trial," said UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer Friday AFP News Agency. "I'm worried that he might be exposed to the detention methods of the United States, some of which are very problematic," he added.

"Unfortunately, the US has not proven to be a safe country over the last decade in terms of torture," Melzer, who has previously sounded the alarm over the Guantanamo US detention center and so-called waterboarding, simulating drowning would have.

"Henchman, spy": Press without mercy for Assange

15:17: Julien Assange used to be celebrated and revered by many media. Meanwhile, much of the international press has a different opinion from the Wikileaks founder. We have summarized for you the press comments on his arrest.

The arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange writes the Washington Post:

"Mr. Assange is not a hero of the free press. Yes, Wikileaks has obtained secret government documents and published them (…). Contrary to journalistic norms, Mr Assange has sometimes obtained such documents in an unethical way (…). Unlike real journalists, Wikileaks has dumped material in public without bothering to verify the truth or to give the individuals mentioned in it the opportunity to speak out. "

The Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" writes on the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London:

"It took less than seven years to turn Julian Assange from a rock star (…) into a suspected Russian spy, an employee of Russian state television, an idol of the American right after the sinking of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign hacker attacks. "

The arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, London "Times" on Friday:

"Initially, Wikileaks claimed that it could legitimate journalism in the public interest by allowing whistleblowers to expose corruption and other violations. But Assange has since crossed a border. He became a henchman of repressive regimes. Without interest in press freedom, but with the strong desire to undermine Western democracies. "

Tug-of-war over Assange's delivery begins

14:25: After the spectacular arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London, the tug-of-war begins with a delivery of the 47-year-old Australian to the United States. Legal experts said Friday that the case could be tried for years before the British courts and ultimately go to the European Court of Justice. Assange's lawyer had announced that her client would "contest and fight" the extradition petition; a hearing on this is planned on 2 May.

"Given the extradition agreements between Britain and the US, it will be very difficult to challenge this extradition," said legal expert Anthony Hanratty of BDB Pitmans, UK Times. He also referred to the "trust and cooperation between the two countries".

In comparable earlier cases, extradition procedures took years. However, two US extradition requests were unsuccessful: last year, two British judges blocked the delivery of alleged hacker Lauri Love to the US. Even the extradition of the British hacker Gary McKinnon, who is said to have penetrated in military computer systems, was stopped after a ten-year legal dispute. In both cases, the health of hackers played a role.

3.06 clock:Julian Assange's lawyer wants to prevent a possible extradition of Wikileaks founder to the United States. The reports "mirror online". In the US he faces a long prison sentence or, in the worst case, the death penalty. His lawyer, Juan Branco, has now turned to France. The French government should grant Assange protection. The Wikileaks founder has a small child in France.

"We would listen to what he wants, but we do not offer political asylum to anyone who does not ask," France's Secretary of State for European Affairs, Amelie de Montchalin, said cautiously.

Wikileaks founder Assange: Is he now threatened with the death penalty?

11:48: The US wants Britain to deliver Julien Assange to her. In the US, he is charged with conspiracy to attack government computers. In the worst case, he could face the death penalty there.

Although Ecuador has withdrawn his diplomatic asylum and thus made the arrest possible, Head of State Moreno received a written assurance from the British Government that Assange would not be extradited to a country where he faces torture or the death penalty.

Half Assange Trump?

9.18 clock: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is imprisoned in London, was to appear in court in the eyes of former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for his alleged crimes. The investigative platform had published in the 2016 presidential campaign e-mails of the Democratic Party, thus harming the then candidate Clinton.

"The accusation that has become public shows … that it's about helping hack a military computer with the goal of stealing information from the US government," Clinton said at a New York event Thursday (local time).

"I'll wait and see what happens to the charges and how it goes on," she added. "The bottom line is that he has to answer for what he did, at least as the prosecution claims."

US intelligence agencies claim that e-mails stolen in the presidential campaign were downloaded by Russian hackers and leaked to Wikileaks to harm Clinton and help Donald Trump.

Australian Premier: No special treatment for Assange

6:51: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison rules out his government's interference in the case of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. That was "a matter for the US" and "has nothing to do with us," said Morrison on Friday according to local media. Australian-born Assange was arrested Thursday in Ecuador's embassy in London.

Assange was not given any special treatment and was granted the usual consular support, Morrison told broadcaster ABC. "If Australians travel abroad and come into conflict with the law, they have to face up to the justice system of each country. It does not matter what crime they allegedly committed. "

Australia's Foreign Minister Marise Payne told reporters: "The extradition process itself is taking place between the United States and Britain." But her country is "completely against" the death penalty. The United Kingdom has obtained assurances from the US that Assange will not face the death penalty if extradited, she added.

Opposition voices also came from the opposition. Australia's Green Party leader Richard Di Natale said Australia must ensure that Assange is not extradited. "This arrest is a dark day for press freedom around the world," he said. For Friday, rallies were planned in Sydney and Melbourne to support Assange.

6:46: In Ecuador, security forces have arrested a person from the WikiLeaks disclosure platform. The suspect had been caught while he was about to leave for Japan, Interior Minister María Paula Romo said on Thursday.

Wikileaks founder Assange in custody – Ecuador with extreme allegations: feces smeared on walls

Update 21.18: After the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London, the question has not yet been fully answered why Ecuador deprived the 47-year-old after seven years of asylum and thus made the arrest possible. Now there are first hints.

Assange is said to have behaved badly in his time of asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. That reports image citing statements by Ecuador's Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo. Accordingly, Assange smeared fecal matter on the walls at the Embassy in London, among other places. Romo spoke of disrespect after Ecuador had accepted Assange as a guest at the embassy. But the graffiti should only have been a bad action of the Wikileaks founder. Romo announced in the coming hours to call further details about Assange's stay at the embassy.

The fact that Assange and the Ecuadorian representatives were not very well understood lately was no longer a secret. It had become known that the Wikileaks founder, for example, the Internet was blocked and the heating was turned off.

Wikileaks founder Assange in custody: Trump comments

Update 20:04: Following the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, US President Donald Trump has stated that he is unfamiliar with the disclosure platform. "I do not know anything about Wikileaks. That's not my business, "Trump told journalists at the White House in Washington on Thursday.

Julian Assange on Thursday on the way to Westminster district court in London.

© dpa / Victoria Jones

He has heard what happened to Assange, and it is now up to US Attorney William Barr to make a commitment. When asked, Trump said he had no opinion on the case. During the presidential election campaign of 2016, the Republican had praised Wikileaks and declared he loved the organization.

Update 18:21: British Prime Minister Theresa May defended the arrest. "In the UK, nobody is above the law," May said. She thanked Ecuador for their cooperation and the police for their "great professionalism."

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt stressed that Assange was "not a hero". The Australian had "a very long time" trying to escape the "justice". This is "not acceptable".

Assange has message sent to supporters

Update 18:17: The arrested in London Wikileaks founder Julian Assange wants to defend against the imminent extradition to the United States. The 47-year-old Australian will "challenge and fight the US extradition request," Assange's attorney Jennifer Robinson said Thursday in the British capital. Assange is charged with conspiring to attack government computers in the United States.

Assange also ordered her to send a message to his supporters, Robinson said. "He said, 'I told you so soon.'"

Update 5:26 pm: High-ranking US Democrat Mark Warner has welcomed the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He hopes that the British justice system will quickly transfer Assange to the US to hold him accountable, US Senate Intelligence Committee Deputy Chairman said Thursday. Assange had for a long time displayed high ideals and moral superiority, but then he participated in Russia's efforts to undermine the West. He was also involved in attempts to endanger the security of the United States.

Meanwhile, according to a report, Assange has told the news agency AFP that it wants to defend itself against the US extradition request.

Assange arrested: court drops judgment – rejects Assange's arguments as "laughable"

Update 4:18 pm: A British court found Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday in London guilty of violating his bail order. He faces imprisonment of up to twelve months. Assange's lawyer had argued that today's 47-year-old had to withdraw from the authorities, as he was not expecting a fair trial and he should be extradited to the United States.

The judge at Westminster Magistrates' Court dismissed this as "laughable." A date for the verdict is not yet determined, until then Assange should remain in custody. On May 2, it will go to the same court for the US extradition request. US Justice accuses Assange of conspiring with whistleblower Chelsea Manning. The British government has made it clear that Assange will not be extradited if he faces the death penalty.

Update 16:06: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange pleaded not guilty in court hours after his arrest in London. He denied on Thursday at the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, the charge that he had unlawfully withdrawn from extradition to Sweden. As the news agency PA reported, Assange did not want to testify himself, so his lawyer wanted to explain the reasoning.

Update 3:49 pm: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appeared in a court in London hours after his arrest in Ecuador's embassy. The Australian raised his thumb as he entered the courtroom in the British capital on Thursday afternoon.

Video: Euronews France shows in the video how Assange is taken away from the Ecuadorian embassy.

Wikileaks founder Assange arrested: USA accuse him of "conspiracy" – Wagenknecht demands asylum

London – British police arrested Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday at Ecuador's Embassy in London. As Scotland Yard announced, the 47-year-old was arrested and taken to a London Commissariat. Previously, Ecuador had deprived him of asylum.

According to the British police, Assange also has an extradition request from the USA. This was announced by Scotland Yard on Thursday afternoon, a few hours after the arrest of the Australian in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Previously, the police had justified the arrest with the order of a London court in 2012 for violating probation requirements.

US Justice accuses Wikileaks founder Julian Assange of conspiracy with whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Assange is accused of helping Manning crack a password on a government computer network, a statement released Thursday by the Department of Justice on the US extradition request to Britain. According to the US Justice Assange threatened up to five years imprisonment.

British Prime Minister Theresa May defended Assange's arrest. "No one is above the law in the UK," May said Thursday in London's parliament, thanking Ecuador for their cooperation and the police for their "great professionalism".

Assange arrested in London – Process in Sweden could also be reopened

The Australian had been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012 to escape arrest. Previously, the government of the Latin American country had withdrawn his diplomatic asylum. Assange wanted to avoid extradition to Sweden and a process he feared to be in the US.

Wikileaks had caused a sensation in 2010 when it published hundreds of thousands of secret documents from the communications of US embassies. Assange expects that in the US a lawsuit for treason and possibly even the death penalty could threaten.

The woman, who had alleged rape and sexual assault against Julian Assange in the meantime closed the investigation against the Wikileaks founder in Sweden, wants the case to be reopened after his arrest. Her lawyer said on Thursday that she would work to have the prosecutor recover the preliminary investigations in Sweden. The goal is that Assange could be extradited to Sweden and prosecuted for rape, it was said in an e-mail of lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz to the German Press Agency.

After the arrest: Wikileaks protests, UN representative wants to visit Assange in custody

Wikileaks described the withdrawal of diplomatic asylum for its founder as "illegal" and as a violation of international law. A statement released on Thursday immediately following the arrest of the 47-year-old on Twitter said that the Ecuadorian ambassador had "invited" the British police to arrest Assange.

A UN representative wants to visit arrested Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in custody. The Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy, Joe Cannataci, had originally planned to visit the Embassy of Ecuador at the end of April. On Thursday, Cannataci announced that he would not cancel his already booked flights. Assange's arrest simply meant that he would visit him somewhere else – "at a police station or elsewhere in the UK where he may be detained."

British police arrested Assange – Kremlin charges violently

Moscow criticized the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with sharp words. "The hand of 'democracy' strangles freedom," spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Sakharova, wrote on Thursday on Facebook.

The relationship between Assange and his asylum provider had worsened in recent months. The revelation platform warned last week of the impending expulsion of its founder from the Ecuadorian embassy. The reason for this was the publication of photos, videos and private talks by the Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno. In October, Ecuador began restricting Assange's visits and communications.

Video: Wikileaks founder Assange arrested

Criticism of Assange's arrest also from Germany: Left demands reaction of the Federal Government

There was also criticism from Germany. The arrest of Assange was "a violation of international law and at the same time a serious blow to independent journalism," said the vice-group leader of the left, Sevim Dagdelen. Faction head Sahra Wagenknecht demanded a reaction from the Federal Government: This must "do everything possible to prevent the EU member United Kingdom Julian Assange extradited to the US, where he is threatened with life imprisonment or even the death penalty for the exposure of US war crimes. Angela Merkel must now offer political asylum to Julian Assange in Germany. "

Assange: Ecuador's patience in the end

Ecuador's President Lenín Moreno defended the withdrawal of diplomatic asylum for Assange. His country acted "sovereignly," the president said. Ecuador also deprived Assange of citizenship, Foreign Minister José Valencia said. Valencia said that the State Department had already decided the move on Wednesday. The minister said that "several irregularities" had been detected in Assange's papers.

Ecuador's ex-president Rafael Correa accused his successor of being "the biggest traitor in Latin American history." Moreno's decision threatens the lives of Assange and humble Ecuador, he wrote on Twitter.

Julian Assange is credited as the co-founder of Wikileaks, a platform that promises unethical behavior by governments and businesses. However, many critics consider the 47-year-old native Australian to be a self-satisfied actor, even risking the lives of others by publishing sensitive information.

Banner in support of Julian Assange hanging at the Embassy of Ecuador.

© dpa / John Stillwell

dpa / AFP / fn


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