Assault on medical student in Villavicencio, Meta – Other Cities – Colombia

Last-year medical student Laura Hernández Castro was the victim of assaults by two people who insulted her, pushed her and hit her on the forehead with a bottle.

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The attack on the future doctor and practitioner of the La Primavera Clinic occurred around 6:00 pm last Sunday, after concluding her work day when she was on her way to her house in the sector of the bridge over the Maizaro pipe, which unites the neighborhoods El Barzal with El Buque, in Villavicencio.

In a video, Laura points out that the aggression hurt her a lot and caused her a lot of fear: “For many years we have studied with great vocation to assist you and at this moment the situation in the country is very difficult and we cannot be afraid of Wearing this uniform and therefore I ask that no further threats occur to health personnel. ”

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The internal doctor Juan José Medrano, maintains that Laura does not know the aggressors and that apparently there is no relationship between them with any case of a patient who had attended and they believe that they did so because they saw her dressed in the doctor’s uniform.

And this is the most serious attack that has occurred against internal doctors who are not linked to work in clinics and hospitals, who do not receive wages and On the contrary, they have to pay the last semesters of medicine to be able to do the practices and graduate.

The attack occurred near a CAI where Laura went to report what has just happened to her, while the attackers fled under the bridge of the pipe.

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After the publication of the video, in the company of the deputy Juan Camilo Chávez, threats have come to Laura’s cell phone demanding that she remain silent.

Deputy Chávez spoke out against the aggression of the medical personnel and asked the authorities to follow up with those responsible for the attack with the security cameras to capture them.

The Mayor of Villavicencio, Felipe Harman, also spoke out against the attacks on medical personnel, indicating his solidarity with Laura and the doctors. attacked and “invited citizens to protect them and encourage them to continue protecting our lives.”

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