Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Assembly approves Olympic bill

All political groups, with the exception of the Rogue, supported the text that transcribed the commitments made by the City of Paris to the IOC, which funds the Games to the tune of 1.4 billion euros.
The Assembly largely approved Wednesday 20 December evening project Olympic Law Paris -2024, despite the fears expressed by some MEPs about the derogations from urban planning and advertising be ready on time and reply to the requirements of the Council international Olympic Committee (IOC).
All the political groups, with the exception of the Rogue, supported the text which transcribes the commitments made by the City of Paris with regard to the IOC, which finances the Games 1.4 billion euros, just over one third of the budget of the Organizing Committee (OCOG) (3.8 billion euros in 2024). The text, voted by show of hands, will be debated in the Senate in early February for final adoption at the end of the first quarter.
If almost all the speakers were pleased with the organization of these Olympic Games, “Incredible luck of development of sport ” According to sports minister Laura Flessel, they regretted, like the socialist Régis Juanico, their “Limited room for maneuver” for edit the text. Laura Flessel said share frustration “Essentially technical text” and promised to present “Early 2019 a bill ” sport and society ” aiming to to encourage practice for everyone, everywhere .
Advertising on historical monuments
Two points focused proceedings :
the possibility of complacency Olympic emblems, from the time of the vote of the law and until 2024, the historical monuments or classified sites; the display, for three months, of IOC sponsors and J0-2024 would be exceptionally allowed on historical monuments or classified sites hosting competitions, and within 500 meters around places . The association of defense Heritage Sites and Monuments denounces “An advertising hype” , and drew up a list of potentially affected locations, the Mars field ( volleyball ) at the Grand Palais (fencing, taekwondo). LR deputy of Paris Brigitte Kuster said to fear on his side “A saturation effect” who go “Distort the image of the capital”.
“No sponsors, no revenue. Préférez- you devote two billion public money instead of three months of receipts advertising? ” responded the project rapporteur, Aude Amadou (LREM). Beyond the IOC sponsors, the future Organizing Committee of the Games expects a billion euros from its own commercial partners.
Decisions by order
Other provisions are provided for accelerate and simplify urban planning or expropriation procedures, with a view to the construction in Seine- St Denis athletes’ villages and media , which will be transformed into housing, or the possibility for the government to book traffic lanes during the Games by order. “Seven years is a long time, but in urban planning and housing it’s sometimes short , pleaded Secretary of State Julien Denormandie, who promised “of exceed the bureaucratic shackles to be on time ” , even if “95% of facilities already exist or will be temporary” .
MEPs approved an amendment for the OCOG to provide, through an Olympic Volunteering Charter, “Rights, duties, guarantees, conditions of recourse and exercise of volunteers” which could be between 45,000 and 70,000 to avoid abuse. Marie-George Buffet called M me Flessel to “Fight a fight” for local authorities to spread the Games by giant screens without pay of charges. “The American group Discovery is the only rights holder, we have to to work in this sense » replied M me Flessel.
Remuneration divides
Finally, an ethics and transparency component provides for a review by the Court of Auditors and, for future OCOG bosses, the obligation to reset their declaration of interest and heritage to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life. The leaders of major sporting events taking place in la France like the Cup world of rugby in 2023, will be subject to the same obligations.
The rapporteur, who had tabled an amendment against the Government’s opinion for to cap the remuneration of the members of the OCOG to 268,000 euros gross annual, withdrew in session “Facing a risk of unconstitutionality” , the organizing committee being a private structure.
The question of remuneration had been controversial when the Duck chained In mid-October, the salary envisioned for the boss of the OCOG, Tony Estanguet, amounted to 450,000 euros, a figure immediately denied by his team. The OCOG will to put in place an Ethics Committee and a Compensation Committee, which will each include a Member of Parliament and a Senator.
MEPs finally adopted an amendment LR-LFI for institute an annual audit of the Court of Auditors until 2024.