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Assembly devotes same-sex parenting to school forms

The Assembly adopted on Tuesday at first reading an amendment that consecrates the homoparentalité in the school forms which will have to bear the mentions "parent 1 and parent 2" and no longer "father and mother", within the framework of the bill "on the school of trust ". "This amendment aims to anchor the family diversity of children in the administrative forms submitted to school", explained the member Valérie Petit (LREM) at the origin of the text.

The elected representative of the North recalled that many forms of civil status, registration in the canteen or leave school leave always bear the mentions father and mother, not taking into account the vote of the law for the marriage for all and the existence of homoparental families. "We have families who find themselves facing boxes frozen in social and family models a little outdated. Today, no one should feel excluded by some backward thinking patterns. For us, this article is a measure of social equality ", defended in the chamber his colleague Jennifer de Temmerman (LREM).

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and the rapporteur Anne-Christine Lang (LREM) gave an unfavorable opinion on this amendment, considering that the change requested was not within the legislative domain. MP Xavier Breton denounced an amendment under "A unique and politically correct thought that does not correspond to reality". "When I hear that it is an outdated model, I remind you that today, in unions, marriages or PACS, plus 95% who are male-female couples", he said. On the other hand, for his socialist colleague Joaquim Pueyot, this reform "Is a question of respect and dignity". "You do not imagine the consequences when children do not feel treated like the others"he said.




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