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Assembly re-adopts Bill Pact

The National Assembly validated early Saturday morning, in new reading, the draft Pact on Businesses which includes privatizations, simplification of tax and social thresholds, and still relaxed rules for retirement savings.

After three long days of debate and a full night, the deputies voted at 6:15 by 27 votes against 15 and 3 abstentions this bill of "growth and transformation of business" led by the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire . The elected representatives LREM, MoDem and UDI-Agir voted for, the whole of the left against, while LR and Libertés and territories were divided.

Privatization of ADP

The text will now make an ultimate shuttle with the Senate before its final adoption by the Assembly which has the last word.

Like several opposition politicians, the leader of the LFI deputies Jean-Luc Mélenchon protested in fine against these conditions of nocturnal examination, saying his "shame" to see thus voted "measures so unfavorable to the great mass of those that produce the wealth of this country ".

The deputies, majority LREM-MoDem, had voted Thursday again in favor of the privatization of Aéroports de Paris and the Française des Jeux, projects rejected by the senators, dominated by the right, who will re-examine the bill in their hemicycle from 9 April.

"Entrepreneurs are getting impatient about thresholds, corporate finance, simplification, employees are getting impatient about employee savings plans and employee shareholding," Bruno Le Maire said in committee at the beginning of March. regretting the long delay in the adoption of laws.

Pesticide ban pushed back

Laure de La Raudiere (UDI-Agir) criticized in session a bill became "a bit obese" with nearly 200 articles on a wide variety of topics.

Among the latest developments voted, the Assembly has postponed for three years the ban on the manufacture in France of pesticides sold outside the European Union, in 2025, which caused divergences even in the majority.

On the issue of life insurance contracts, which transfers to the same insurer will be facilitated, MPs have provided better information to subscribers on the actual share of their savings allocated to the ecological transition or the solidarity sector. In addition, the possibility of transferring a life insurance policy to a retirement savings plan without tax consequences has been extended until 1 January 2023, with the favorable opinion of the Secretary of State for Economics Agnes Pannier-Runacher.

On LREM's proposal, MEPs struck out the creation of a parliamentary delegation to economic security, in favor of more conventional parliamentary scrutiny of the government's action in the area of ​​foreign investment control in France.

For almost all the clauses in the bill, the members have gone back to their version, removing the senators' amendments.


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