Assessing Lionel Messi’s Success at PSG: On and Off the Field

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Free after the end of his contract with FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi joined PSG in the summer of 2021. Two years later, it’s time to take stock for the Argentinian international, far from meeting all the expectations placed on him. in the field. On the other hand, its passage in the capital is a success in terms of marketing.

Between Lionel Messi and the PSG, it feels like the end. The Argentinian international’s lease is coming to an end, and no extension is now in the cards for him. It is therefore time to take stock, and the least we can say is that disappointment prevails when looking back on the Argentinian’s performances, despite his 32 goals and 35 assists in 74 matches in the shirt. Parisian. On a marketing level, however, difficult to hold the same speech.

Messi surpasses Neymar

The Team cites in particular an example to illustrate the marketing success of the arrival of Lionel Messi au PSG. For his first month in the capital, the Argentinian blew up sales of jerseys in his name, beating those of Neymar in 2017.

Jersey sales have skyrocketed

A marketing success that was confirmed in the following months. More than one out of two jerseys sold by the PSG was branded with the name of Lionel Messi during his first season in the capital. In total, the Parisian formation had sold more than a million tunics. In comments relayed by The team this Wednesday, a member of the club savors the passage of Messi in the capital, despite criticism of his sporting contribution: ” It’s a success forever: the greatest player of all time played for us one day when no one would have imagined. It is indeed difficult to deny that the winning move made by the PSG with its number 30 on an economic level.

2023-05-31 22:54:26

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