Assets confiscated from the mafia: the Aretino map

With 687 homes, lands, craft or industrial sheds, Tuscany is in ninth place in Italy for assets stolen from organized crime and present in its territory. Throughout the country there are more than 40,000.

These are some of the data that emerged during the conference organized by the Region in collaboration with its Democratic Legality Culture Documentation Center, on “Properties confiscated from the mafia in Tuscany. The commitment of the State, the Region and local bodies to return them to public use”, which was held this morning in Florence in Palazzo Sacrati Strozzi, seat of the presidency. There are many figures presented during the initiative. They photograph a composite situation, which concerns all the provinces of Tuscany. The one with the largest number of assets in its territory subtracted definitely to the mafias Grosseto is with 80, followed by Pistoia with 62 and Prato with 47. Bringing up the rear in this particular ranking is Florence, with 13 assets. The total amounts to 284 throughout Tuscany.

There are 68 out of 273 Tuscan Municipalities that have assets stolen from crime on their territory. The largest number is in the province of Pistoia with 14 Municipalities, followed by Siena with 11 and Livorno with 9. In practice, the assets seized from the mafias are present in one Tuscan municipality out of four.

Data for the province of Arezzo

In the Arezzo area there are 21 properties permanently confiscated and this makes the province of Arezzo the fifth largest in Tuscany. In total there are eight municipalities with confiscated assets. Really interesting is the map drawn up by the Tuscany Region which is possible consult in detail at the following link.

A map that represents a journey through time, from the beginning of the 2000s until today, and which highlights an aspect such as that of the places where the confiscated assets are located, especially near the major communication arteries such as the motorway and E45. At the link made available by the Tuscany Region you can see, for example, a confiscated building in the Municipality of Marciano della Chiana, specifically a villa and another property. Also in Marciano, several were confiscated apartments and 22 car garage, in Cesa, the most populous fraction of the Municipality. A seizure the latter ordered by the Prosecutor of Naples whose destination has been identified for social purposes, giving the management to local bodies such as the Municipalities. The story, only a few years ago, had led the then mayor to expose himself because he had not managed to get hold of those assets.

The case of apartments and garages seized from the Mafia in the province of Arezzo which remain vacant

A Monte San Savino other assets are seized, such as two agricultural lands and a garage. Same speech a Civitella in the Val di Chiana where a garage and agricultural land were seized. Remaining in the valley and moving to Valtiberina, here is an apartment under seizure in Sansepolcro, while in Valdarno there is also talk of a company confiscated in the Montevarchi area with a procedure that dates back to 2009. The seizure of a 300m2 villa with the attached garage, box and garage a Terranuova Bracciolini, an asset taken away from the ‘Ndrangheta. The same year for the confiscation of a shed in Poggilupi. Also reported an apartment a Castiglione Fibocchi while in the capital municipality the seizure of a company also operating in the IT sector is shown on the map.