Assisted Fertilization: They had a baby with an embryo that was not theirs

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A couple who underwent in vitro fertilization treatment had a child with an embryo that was not theirs. The mother and father realized the medical error when they found out that the blood group did not correspond to that of any of them.

That is why they carried out a blood test and then a DNA study, which confirmed that the embryo did not belong to the couple.

It turned out that the couple had undergone an in vitro fertilization treatment with their eggs and sperm in a private clinic and the main suspicion was that the woman had been transferred another couple’s embryo.

After beginning a criminal investigation, for the alleged crimes of identity suppression, fraud and injuries, the justice system determined that there had been an error in the medical treatment; but without intent, for which reason the crimes investigated could not be established and the case was closed.

According to the newspaper La Nación, the people who would actually receive the embryo implanted in the woman who has already given birth are aware of the situation and are under study. And with respect to the embryo that the woman who had the baby should have received, the clinic informed them that it was not suitable for implantation.

Although the criminal case was closed, now the prosecutor’s office intervened in the family law.

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