Assizes of parenthood: “Education begins with the parents”, underlines the national president of the Céméa

For three days, social actors in connection with childhood will meet at the CUFR in Dembéni to try to provide solutions and develop lines of action in order to meet the crying needs for educational benchmarks in a tormented society. on the one hand, between tradition to be safeguarded and, on the other, modernity to be encouraged.

Promote exchange and dialogue with round tables

“The situation of young people challenges everyone and the question that keeps coming back is: how to calm this climate? », explains the president of the Training Center for Active Education Methods (CEMEA) Actoibi Laza. He continues, “the goal of these Parenthood meetings is to bring together all the partners to find avenues for reflection. This work must be able to lead to forming a core of actions, and this will not stop on May 25”. Include the method over time to provide concrete solutions, a major challenge in Mayotte with regard to the phenomenon that many observers call “resigning parents”.

Round tables to facilitate exchanges and debates

During the morning of this Monday, 2 round tables were planned. If the first was organized around the theme of the role of parents in education, the second focused on the evolution of Mayotte society as a whole and its consequences on education. Bringing together more than forty participants, the discussions were dynamic, the speeches thoughtful, sometimes stormy but always cordial.

Stakeholders in the social field have thus been able to emphasize that the education of children cannot be

The Assizes will end this Wednesday on the occasion of a conference of restitution of the work

limit to giving them food, that active listening was a necessity to understand their problems and that in no case should screens be a means of discarding their education. This last point was also raised during round table number 2. For Pierre Procolam, member of CEMEA Martinique, “children with screens become sources of information for parents, they sometimes act as the interface with the administrations, translate documents in French. This can create problems because they are the repositories of a certain knowledge that their parents do not have”.

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“There is a contradiction today between modernity and tradition”

In addition, “the issue of parenthood is essential but is often overlooked far too much. Education is not just about school. Education begins with the parents, is woven into the fabric of associations, underlined the national president of the CEMEA and pedagogue Philippe Meirieu. There is a contradiction today between modernity and tradition. A hybridization is to be found including on the question of equality which can clash with certain conceptions of traditional society”.

A problem which is not only specific to Mayotte, as attested by Alex Eloi, representative of CEMEA Guyana, “Mayotte and Guyana have many similarities whether in terms of juvenile violence, immigration but also the place of modernity in a traditional society. The presence of other members of the CEMEA network is an opportunity to combine different approaches, “we take advantage of these moments to listen, participate and better understand”, testifies Pierre Procolam.

Lack of time to delve deeper into topics

Illustrative image, The issue of education is a corollary to the reduction of youth violence

If the subjects tackled in connection with education made it possible to make dialogue the actors present, the density of the topics tackled seems to raise more questions than to bring answers. “We don’t have enough time to go into the subjects in depth,” concedes the moderator of the second round table, Archimède Said Ravoay.

It is therefore difficult not to skim over the subjects in view of the extent of the problem. Nevertheless, Wednesday morning’s conference will make it possible to summarize all the round tables on Monday but also on Tuesday, in order to be able to translate into concrete actions the proposals that may have emerged during these mornings of exchanges. Only time will allow us to judge the relevance of such an undertaking with regard to juvenile delinquency in Mayotte.

Pierre Mouysset