‘Asterix’: family entertainment and generous but not unforgettable for Cathy Immelen

Impossible to miss the mastodon Asterix & Obelix: Middle Kingdom, directed by Guillaume Canet. Cathy Immelen warily went to see him, but ultimately had a great time.

Guillaume Canet had spread awkwardly on the financial stakes of his film in recent weeks in the media by urging spectators to come in large numbers to see the film at the risk of seeing French cinema run to its loss. It creates a little uneasiness, as if Guillaume Canet did not trust his film and feared the critics.

However, for Cathy Immelen, Guillaume Canet fulfilled his contract in the film: generous family entertainment and certain actors whom she found well cast. Jonathan Cohen, the king of current comedies, whose character is similar to that of Jamel Debbouze in Alain Chabat’s film. Vincent Cassel who fits perfectly with the character of Caesar. Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic is doing well with a rather hilarious scene. Which saves him the syndrome ofAsterix at the Olympic Gameswhich suffered from its bling-bling casting.

We find other recognized actors such as Pierre Richard, Philippe Katerine, Audrey Lamy or even Jérôme Commandeur, but also useless cameos, with the appearances of BigFlo & Oli, Angèle and Mac Fly & Carlito, whose presence does not seem to have been calculated only to please younger viewers.