Asthma and Rhinitis: Common Spring Illnesses May Be Symptoms of Covid-19

With the beginning of spring, we say goodbye to the chill and salute the season that precedes summer. Spring arrives with a sunnier and drier climate.

In this sense, due to temperature changes and low air humidity, it is common for respiratory diseases manifest in this period.

Pulmonologist Jessica Polese says that at this time of year some diseases related to allergic factors are more common. “As the season changes, with pollination, allergy-related illnesses are more common. Diseases such as asthma, rhinitis and even allergic conjunctivitis”, he explains.

The specialist also says that other diseases can be potentiated during this period. “Allergies sometimes favor associated bacterial infections, so sinusitis, as well as pneumonia and bacterial bronchitis can also occur more easily”, he points out.

Symptoms and care

Pulmonologist Rúbia Miossi explains that allergic respiratory diseases have symptoms very similar to those of a cold. “People with these allergic conditions usually do not have a fever, but they have a congested nose and sneezing, much like a common cold,” he explains.

According to the pulmonologist, it is necessary to be careful not to confuse these symptoms with Covid-19. “Any respiratory condition that the person might think is an eventual allergy needs to be investigated for Covid-19. To prevent a person from being a vector of the virus without knowing it”, he ponders.

The specialist recommends that people who are known to be allergic need to be monitored to avoid crises.

In a recent interview with ESHOJE, pediatrician Rita Almeida argued that vaccination against Influenza guarantees greater protection against respiratory allergies. “Having the vaccine [contra a Influenza] nowadays the chance of having the flu decreases and, with this, the worsening of these diseases, such as asthma and rhinitis, is avoided”, he points out.

Due to constant variations in climate and low air humidity, some actions can be taken to try to avoid or minimize respiratory conditions. Common care among the diseases mentioned are: avoid closed environments, wash the bed linen frequently, reinforce the cleaning of the house and keep it airy. In addition, avoiding exposure to smoke, such as cigarette smoke, or dust are also strong allies in prevention.

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The practice of physical activities, especially for those with asthma, is another important ally.

typical of spring

However, another disease that also manifests itself more frequently during this period is chickenpox. The disease is considered typical of the season, due to the increased circulation of the virus.

According to the pediatrician, if a child has any immunity problem, the advice is to avoid, as much as possible, any type of physical contact with an infected person. The recommendation is because the incidence of chickenpox is more common in children and the disease is highly contagious.

Rita remembers that the best prevention is vaccination, whose protection is high.