AstraZeneca: Will it be really exciting again?

AstraZeneca: Will it be really exciting again?

The present analysis deals with the share AstraZeneca, which is managed in the segment "Medicines". The stock is trading on 05.11.2018, 05:40 clock, at its home market London with 5731.33 GBP.

To evaluate this course, we subjected AstraZeneca to a multi-stage analysis process. This results in estimates of whether AstraZeneca is to be classified as "buy", "hold" or "sell". A final consolidation of these assessments gives the overall rating.

1. Technical Analysis: AstraZeneca's current price of £ 5731.33 is a buy signal at + 6.81 percent from the GD200 (£ 5366.07) from a chart technical valuation perspective. On the other hand, the GD50, which represents the average 50-day price development, has a price of GBP 5797.91. This means for the stock price, that there is a "hold" signal because the gap is -1.15 percent. The bottom line is that the price of the AstraZeneca share is valued as "buy" if the average of 50 and 200 days is taken as the basis.

2. Dividend: Based on the current price level, the dividend yield is 3.53 percent, which is 2.07 percent above the industry average (sector: Biotech & Pharma, 1.46). The AstraZeneca share receives a "buy" rating from the editorial board for this dividend policy. The dividend yield is related to the current share price.

3. Analysts' assessment: On a long-term basis, analysts rate the stock of AstraZeneca as the "Hold" title. Because of a total of 18 analysts were these reviews: 15 Buy, 9 Hold, 3 Sell. In the shorter term, this picture emerges: within a month there are 5 buy, 3 hold, 1 sell estimates. But this is the last stock to be rated with a "Hold". On average, the analysts expect a price target of GBP 5017.35. This translates into an expectation of -12.46 percent as the closing price is currently £ 5731.33, which corresponds to a "sell" rating. Based on all analyst estimates, we therefore award the "Hold" rating.


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